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  1. Wing0 & wwest, hanks for the info guys. wwest, Naples is about a 3hr drive from Tampa..
  2. Thanks for all the detailed info on the 330. Since we'll be in Naples in winter and Cape in summer, I don't think what you describe will be too much of a problem. Problem is I hate FWD cars of any type. Re Seattle...I used to own Griffin Envelope on East Marginal Way (close to the old Boeing HQ bldg) and next to the State liquor commission bldg. Sold out in 98 and came back to Cape. New owners moved to Kent, so I think bldg is MT now. I loved WA..there was so much to do, but our family is all in New England. Thanks again for the info. :)
  3. wwest, I don't have a 330 yet. Turning in a leased car (not my Porsche) and looking for a mid-size SUV. Started looking at a whole bunch of them and narrowed down to the 330 and the Cad. SRX, but can't find any TSBs on either model. BTW, were you talking about North Bend, WA. Spent 7 years in Seattle area. <_<
  4. Apparantly Alldata free TSB titles go only to 2003?? They mention 2004, but I can't find the link. Has anyone found a link for a list of 2004 RX330 TSBs? TIA :)
  5. Starforce, can't seem to find the thread. Just want to know if this problem occurred from the "git go" or did it show up later. I want to know what to look for in a test drive. TIA
  6. starforce, I'm a RX330 waiter. You indicated that posts involving vibrations were "wiped" off this forum. Is that correct? And what is specifically the issue? Does it manifest itself during a test drive before acceptance of the vehicle. Any input would be appreciated. TIA ( ) :)
  7. I'd like some opinions on this. My dealer is not discounting RXs at all, but is offering great lease deals on his overstocked GX to the point where a better equipped GX is just a FEW bucks more a month. Since we are turning in a Benz E430 4matic (sedan) with the European ride I'd like opinions on the ride characteristics of the GX. It's a helluva deal... TIA!
  8. I don't know offhand, but and go to RX330 should get your answer. :)
  9. Hi: I have no idea how helpful you guys can be. I'm a Porsche guy. I moderate 3 Posche websites FWIW. I need a mid size, comfortable SUV, which puts the Porsche Cayenne, VW Toureq and other monsters out of the pic. My choices are down to a Lexus RX 330 and an MDX. Could you guys give me some advice. If I asked a similar question on one of the Porsche forums, I'd get a dozen answers by the end of the I have no idea what to expect with you-all, but I'm optimistic. I don't even have a pic of the RX330 to post, :( but here are my Porsches. I'd really appreciate your help! TIA,
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