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  1. I bought a spoiler from spoiler depot on ebay and had it installed. Came out great!
  2. I am not sure about your deaer, but at mine they gave me a service book. Every service you should have and what is done. Did you get one of those?
  3. I have one seen 1 clean installation of an aftermarket Nav system. http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/view...xus%20RX-Series Would you be willing to add it as a pop up screen instead of replacing your current screen? http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/view...d=239240&page=2 I have asked around different places here in Mass, and I can't find anyone willing to touch my RX.
  4. I am in Mass as well and at my dealer every 5K service is $75. Except the big services like 30K and 60K of course!
  5. I found allot of nice rims on http://www.aaarims.com/. But I haven't purchased yet so I can't reccomend them. I am in Mass, so I am not sure whether or not to get chrome rims with all the salt on the roads.
  6. Yes I notice the same thing with my RX. Seems once hte car warms up it is fine though.
  7. I replaced all door speakers with Boston Acoustics, also have a box with 2 10" JBL's. Sounds better than stock!
  8. You have to remove the cover in the wheelwell. Then you should be able to get to it just fine! :)
  9. Someone on another board that I read frequently said that they ordered a pair from Procarparts and they refunde thier money saying something about the factory not producing them anymore. :( I'd keep my eye on E-bay, sometimes htey have htem, but there is a tendancy of those auctions gettin really high. You can try e-mailing Pro Car Parts and asking them what is going on. Mine came from them and they look great. Sorry I can't be more help than that.
  10. Unfortunately I don't know how to disconnect it, but if you or anyone finds out....PLEASE let me know!!! It annoys the **** out of me!!!
  11. Yes I got mine from Pro Car Parts, I don't know what the warranty is, they don't come with instructions, but they do come with everything that you need to install them. All I did was take the old ones out and put the new ones in. They fit perfectly. I dont think they void your warranty but I cant be sure about that either.
  12. Lexus of Danvers 99 Andover Street Route 114 Danvers, MA 01923 978-739-8600
  13. I am interested in headrest televisions as well. I found a guy (Dave.moddes@nbmicroseal.com) that does them for $330 each(The M&D 5.6" monitor are $330.00 each, the 7" are $440.00 each). Only problem is he has no website, so you cannot view them until you get them.
  14. Yes, definately. They look awesome. I really dont like the red ones.
  15. I'm sorry, but I am not farmiliar with OEM.
  16. Well you can check mine out at this link: http://lexusownersclub.com/gallery/album04/rx300rear2
  17. This is where I got my altezzas, and they fit perfectly where the old ones were. No additional wiring required: http://www.procarparts.com/store/displaypr...er=Lexus&pmodel =99-2002%20RX300
  18. Count me in!! I am in mass and my dealer is realy good.
  19. I am wondering if there is anything offered to the US members like the Gold Membership? Or can we benefit also from that?
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