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  1. I just moved to TX where a front license plate is required. How do I mount it on my 99 RX? There are no holes, no bracket and the front bumper comes to sort of a point. I did a google search and didn't see any answers. I bought the car used. Was there supposed to be some kind of mounting option?
  2. Mileage? AWD or FWD? Known service history? Towing? The RX is not a piece of junk. There are many, many factors to a good car/bad car. My experience has been positive. But, I have a FWD and I know the service history. I might also add that my other car is a Toyota Avalon but it has the exact same engine as the RX. Both cars are fairly high mileage (72K on Avy, 91K on RX) and both run great.
  3. Many of us would be thrilled to get a BMW as a company car!
  4. We use 86 here in Albuquerque where the altitude is about 5500 feet. No problems.
  5. You should have the "key", probably stored with the jack. The key is a piece that looks kinda like a socket and fits over and into the locked lug nut. Did you buy the car used? Yep, it was used, and I could not find the key with the jack. Even the little pouch with the additional tools did not have it, and they all looked pretty new, and unused. Is there another way to remove that nut without the key? You could buy another key from the Toyota or Lexus dealer. Most big tire stores have the keys also, but if you have a complete flat, that doesn't help you much. Know anybody with a Toyota or Lexus that has locking lug nuts (and the key!)?
  6. You should have the "key", probably stored with the jack. The key is a piece that looks kinda like a socket and fits over and into the locked lug nut. Did you buy the car used?
  7. He mentioned 128K miles. That seems kinda low for a quality engine to be that degraded. Or, at least I hope so as mine isn't too far behind it in miles.
  8. You are asking about an ES250 in the RX300 forums but for the RX, optimum idle is around 750 RPM.
  9. Solved! The black solenoid that sits on the front of the IACV was installed upside down.
  10. Okay, I just took it out for another spin and I got my first CEL. The code was P0120, Throttle Position Sensor. What's that? I assume I don't have something aligned properly?
  11. I disconnected the battery for 20 minutes. I also pulled the EFI fuse for 5 minutes. I didn't touch the MAF other that moving the hose it is attached to to get to the IACV. I'm not sure what the IAT is?
  12. I cleaned the IACV a couple of days ago, reset the computer and drove it around for about 15 miles. All was good. For 2 days now when I go to start it, it will not idle cold. After warming up it is fine. But, my problem now is that when at idle with the AC on, the idle drops to 500 and either the AC stops working or the idle will surge fairly rapidly between 500-1000 with the AC turning off and on. I drove about 40 miles around town yesterday. Mostly it was surging but towards the end, I noticed that the idle was smooth at 500 but the AC was blowing warm while at idle. If I turn the AC off the car idles around 750 fairly smoothly. Today, it was cutting off and on again. With the hood open I can see the AC clutch stopping and starting. If I rev the engine just a bit, the AC works fine. Any ideas?
  13. This is going to sound like a very stupid question but I gotta ask; Have you added fuel to the car since it cut out? You mentioned it cut out when you were low on fuel with the car pointed uphill, that actually sounds like it should have cut out on you from fuel starvation.
  14. Thanks EDBRO for the help and it does sound very difficult but i think i will give it a try because this light is also out. Just to make sure i am talking about the indicator light on the actual gear shifter that says P R N D 2 1 Please let me know if you can help and thanks again. Yes, that is what the How-To refers to. Usually, it is only the "D" that goes out as that is in use the most. Are you saying that all your lights are out? If so, then that is another problem like a fuse or loose electrical connector. The how-to is for changing out the bulb, a very common problem with this car. Mine is out also, but the other lites (P,R,N,2,1) still work. It doesn't bother me.
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