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  1. Take it to the dealer. I had my windshield replaced and the shop didn't replace whatever goes between the sensor and the windshield. When they replaced that part, it worked perfectly. Before they replaced it, the wipers would wipe during sunny days. For some reason I didn't see you resolved...
  2. I agree with you, I've had other vehicles that warned of low fuel too early. My wife's Audi Q7 has one gallon left when the DTE is showing zero miles left, consistently. I get 17 MPG on the highway driving 75 MPH and about 16.5 driving 80 MPH.
  3. I get to refuel more often due to the low fuel light glaring at me, it's hard to ignore. I get only 275 to 300 miles before the light comes on, I should be able to drive at least 350 to 375 miles before having to refuel.
  4. Only guessing, but that sound can occur when bearings fail. If you spin the fan cage by hand does it make any of the sounds? Does it spin freely? Of the items you mentioned ""Motor Assembly", "Servo Motor Assembly", "Control Motor Servo" and “Amplifier"", the only one that seems plausible is the motor assembly (that's a stab in the dark btw).
  5. Does the sound change or disappear when you change the recirculation setting? I've had a couple 470's, my first one made a lot of noise somewhere near the windshield when recirc was engaged.
  6. The two projector style lamps on the inside of your fog lamps are near-infrared illuminators (lights). The near-infrared camera is on the front side of the rear view mirror. The camera projects onto your windshield directly in front of you. There are conditions where the illuminators are not on, these should be listed in your manual. You can see the projectors illumination by using a CCD style camera as CCD's are highly sensitive to infrared light. You can test your camera sensitivity by viewing the output of your TV remote control, you should be able to see the light flash when you push the buttons on your remote. By the way, do not stare into the lamps, they are fairly powerful and can be harmful even though you cannot see the light.
  7. Likely the near-infrared illuminators for night vision.
  8. I've had the side panels out on an older LX450 I used to have, they are snap-in connectors (fairly easy to remove if you use the right tool). Do you have the Mark Levinson audio system, in my opinion I wouldn't do anything aftermarket if you do.
  9. Are there not adjustable arms in the center divider that swing out to hug the mug? Mine are that way.
  10. Sorry, I was in a hurry when I posted... I get about 14 in the city and 15 on the highway. If you drive slower on the highway you may get 1 or 1.5 MPG better (maybe). I've had several Landcruisers and 470's and they all performed the same. Towing a 2,000 lb trailer I was getting about 12 MPG. So your 13-14 MPG is not out of line for combined city and highway driving.
  11. I am also OCD about these things (or CDO if you prefer). I've checked my speedo with GPS many times and it's within 99% to 100% accurate at the speeds I've tested (no higher than 85...yet), if speedo indicates 60 MPH I'm going 60.0 to 60.5 MPH.
  12. Sorry to hear about the troubles with your Lexus. I've had several with great performance and reliability. But because it's a high-end vehicle, I too would expect it to work without the troubles your having.
  13. I can't recall for sure, but I believe I did not have an extended warranty. I thought there was a lifetime warranty on parts installed by Toyota or Lexus, like mufflers and so on? It may have been paid for by Toyota / Lexus under the TSB. I also purchased the vehicle from the dealer used. I have purchased six vehicles from them in the past few years, that may have had something to do with it. Have you thought of doing the work yourself?
  14. I believe I had about 60K miles on the 2003. Terrible, annoying booming at idle while in-gear. The Lexus dealer installed the kit under-warranty (not sure if you can really call it warranty, probably customer service). It solved the problem. At about 90K miles it seemed to start happening again so I took it back in. The dealer told me they just needed to retighten the fasteners due to 30K miles of vibration. It was as good as it was when they first installed it when they finished. The noise problem was obviously solved as my 2006 model does not boom.