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  1. I would agree. The issues with the Rx330 are separate from the wear and tear and maintenance issues with the RX300 used car marketplace. Perhaps the moderators should poll the issue. Kind of like a referendum. :)
  2. I have a 2004 RX330. It is at the dealership now for numerouse problems. One of witch is the HID's condensation problem,. When I last had it in I advised that the visibility was poor and they adjusted the height up slightly, this only made a small improvement. They are replacing the HID's for me as a result. When I mentioned to the tech to ensure he aimed them higher again, he informed me that they have made significant IMPROVEMENTS to the HID" and they are aimed /positioned to offer better visibility. I will keep you posted.
  3. Yes, I could hear the difference clearly. I have an 05 RX assembled in Japan. Thanks again, Admin! ← Glad to be of Help
  4. Thanks for your interest. The rear wiper smears as opposed to clearing during swiping. This was presented to Lexus when I first had the car delivered. The advisor remarked that they were aware of this problem as it was discussed at a recent service advisor conference. He indicated that they need to redsign the blade assembly due to the contour of the rear window. My vehicle was built in Japan, in April las year. Any idea??
  5. I found the service report for the replacement "door and glass run" Quote- Condition: Wind noise heard Cause: excessive clearance glass run Correction: Replaced door and glass run Part # QTY 1 68141-48030 Run,glass QTY 1 68151-48030 Run,glass Thats all I have . Apparently they made an improvement to the part. I noticed one small thing about the change. It appears that a small triangular piece of rubber is used as a wind deflector of some kind on the forward part of the Gasket. It is not noticeable unless you look closely. I hope this helps :) There is also a replacement for the door checks. They tended to be noisy and not operate smoothly.
  6. I have had my 04' Rx 330 for over a year now and they tell me that they are working on getting an improved rear winshield wiper , that will actualy be able to clean the rear windshield! They have acknowledged the problem , but have not yet advised a fix. Any word out there?? Thanks
  7. I am going to the dealer for my 24000 KM maint on Monday Nov 08. I will ask my mechanic about the part and advise.
  8. I have and 04' RX330. There is a redesign of the window seal that the tech ordered and installed for me on my vehicle. Both front windows were replaced and it is much improved. I hope this helps
  9. I thought I would share with you the info I pulled from ALLDATA. I have an 04 RX 330. I purchased it last may and am still trying to get the dealer to address the wine /thump as well as the hesitation issues with the tranny. I have had the Dash rattle "fixed" twice and cant wait for winter to set in , so I can do it all over again Anyways this is what I have for you and I am arming myself with it when i meet with the dealer this week. Bulletins for 2004 Lexus Truck RX330 4WD V6-3311cc 3.3L DOHC (3MZ-FE) Service Bulletins TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title EG006-04 MAY 04 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0010 or P0020 Set TC004-04 MAY 04 Engine/Transmission Controls - MIL ON/DTC's Set EL007R-03 MAY 04 SRS - Occupant Sensor DTC's B1150 and B1650 AC002-04 MAY 04 A/C - Groaning Noise With A/C ON TC003-04 APR 04 A/T -Transmission Solenoid Identification EL002R-04 APR 04 Body - Power Back Door Inoperative Update BR001-04 MAR 04 Brakes/Traction Control - 'Zero Point Calibration' TC002-04 FEB 04 Drivetrain - Hum/Thump/Whine on Deceleration SU001-04 FEB 04 Suspension - Front Suspension Creaking/Knocking Noise BO011R-03 JAN 04 Body - Roof Rack Cross Bars Hard to Position BO001-04 JAN 04 Interior - Seat Backboard Trim Loose EG003-03 DEC 03 Emissions - MIL ON/DTC's P0441, P0442/P0446 Set SS002-03 DEC 03 Engine Controls - O2 Sensor Monitor Threshold Values NV012-03 DEC 03 Interior - Glove Box Rattles EL007R-03 DEC 03 SRS - Calibration of Occupancy Classification System BO013-03 DEC 03 Interior - Visor Vanity Mirror Cover Binds When Opening BO012-03 DEC 03 Interior - Seat Belt Extender Applications/Availability AC002-03 DEC 03 A/C - Blower Speed/Volume Gradually Dminishes EL013-03 NOV 03 Lexus Link System - Error Message BO010-03 OCT 03 Body - Creak/Tick Noise From Rear Hatch Area NV010-03 OCT 03 Body - Rattle From Moonroof When Open SS003R-01 SEP 03 Engine Controls - ECU Programming Error Displayed SS001R-01 SEP 03 Engine Controls - ECU Programming Procedure BO007-03 SEP 03 Interior - Trim Panel Removel/Installation Precautions NV009-03 SEP 03 Body/Interior - Moonroof/Headliner Rattles PG004-03 AUG 03 Wheels/Tires - Spare Tire Carrier Operation EL008-03 AUG 03 Body - Power Window 'AUTO UP' Feature Malfunction TC005-03 AUG 03 A/T - Poor Shift Quality/PROM Update NV006-03 AUG 03 Interior - Instrument Panel Rattles From Center AX004-03 MAY 03 Cell Phone - Headphones Turn OFF in Cold Weather TC002-03 MAY 03 Engine Controls - ECM Reset Memory Function fortunately , my dealer is understanding and is trying its hardest to satisfy me.
  10. check out the following link to another thread on this forum relating to the tranny problems. I hope this helps
  11. Ther is a TSB # ELOO2R-04 dated April /04 it states Body- Power Back Door inoperative - update Ask your dealer to review this TSB with you I hope it helps. TSB's can be found at
  12. I am looking for your reviews on replacement tires. I have replaced the OEM tires with dunlop SP270 225-55-17. They only lasted about 18000 miles! Has anyone replaced the OEM tires with anything else? I am considering the Michellin Hydroedge or the same OEM 's again. HELP!
  13. I still have the paper work "open" at the dealer as they are still needing to attend to one small item. I am back on tuesday next week to complete and I will post what the work order indicated. ttyl
  14. I had my compressor replaced at 500 miles , due to a verry irritating buzzing noise when it was on. They replaced the compressor and indicated that they had a few problems. Hope this helps 20004rx330
  15. Rx Lover, I had the same problem resolved on my 2004 Rx 330. The mechanic at my dealership had said that there was a redesign on these moldings and he ordered the replacements. They were installed and all is well now. He is a master mechanic with over 10 years with Lexus. They also have a redisn on the front door hinges , to alleviate the clicking or noises when openong and closing the doors. this was replaced for me as well. Go get em!