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  1. Thanx Steve for the play by play. I am going to do mine as soon as I receive my shipment. I haven't checked out autopia in a couple of weeks because I get depressed when people like scottwax have 70 degree weather and I'm in I think I'll start sneaking around that forum some more.....
  2. Ok Steve, how did the wash go? This winter has come to quick with all this salt, especially since I don't have those touchless washes that you have in D.C. Everybody wants to to touch your car with some sort of brushless car wash , then use some rags to dry that they have used on 50 cars before you. Man I'm tempted to wash my car with a hose and bucket in the snow.....
  3. I'm definately interested...but I am going to have to wait till after the holidays... B)
  4. I believe thats telling you that one of your brake lights are out......Have someone sit in the car and hit the breaks while you go around back and look at all the lights.... B)
  5. Is there somewhere that shows you how to upload to a post or a gallery? B)
  6. Also check out good place for detailing info. B)
  7. With the trucks I only had 2 coats of ex on, and I noticed the lack of durability. On the car I have 4 coats and a coat of meguiars 26 and I haven't seen the beading change ... yet (I think). Doesn't look like Ill be able to do anything this weekend, the tristate area is about to get hit with a snowstorm starting Fri morning . There goes all my work...oh well.
  8. Nice job Steve...Makes me want to trade my white lexus in for a dark one... :D .
  9. I bought 2 from this guy 1 for my white gs 2000 and 1 for my 96 es 300. They come painted and assembled, you just have to install it. I didn't see any lexus spoilers on his site, so you might want to email him...But I highly recommend him. Plus he wasn't that expensive ...$159 +shipping. Hope this helps
  10. Ok Steve I read your topic in autopia about the poorboys. You were in my neck of the woods and it didn't last. That's not good. :o I have a white gs how does klasse do on light colored cars? I'm gonna strip off the 4 coats of poorboys and put the klasse twins on. These winters are rough in the Northeast with the salt on the roads and the acid rains. I'm hoping I can get a couple of months out of Klasse.
  11. Steve you are scaring me. You don't think the poor boys ex will last the winter, is that why you're topping with the collinite?
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