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  1. Just got this information emailed to me by my dealer: Lexus will release a all-new 2010 GX 460 in late December or early January. Complete or finalized details have yet to be disclosed. Below you'll see preliminary info just in from the factory. If you would like to be included in my short list of individuals to be notified of changes and arrivals, let me know. Late Breaking News Release: The All-New 2010 GX 460 comes with a new 4.6L engine and more power (301 hp; 329 lb-ft torque). The new six-speed automatic transmission also helps provide 13% better MPG than the previous GX, making it
  2. Sounds like manufacturing defect to me. They even admitted that you are not the only one. Unless you shoved something through the window, it's not your fault, it's a defect. I'm sure they'll claim their warranty doesn't cover glass or such, just start yelling and ask to speak to corporate. You have bumper to bumper for 36k miles for things like this. Actually, you have a 4yr 50k warranty for things like this ;) Call Lexus up and complain
  3. Would you send me instructions on how you did the override for the DVD to work in the front while the car is moving? DVD Override instructions
  4. I had it done at a high end car stereo shop in Houston. It can be done. I have an 07 GX.
  5. 16.9 MPG Average with K&N Air Filter
  6. We had a 02 ML320 decked out and bought our 07 GX470 from Sterling McCall Lexus on 59 in Houston. We love the car and are very impressed with the quality and comfort of the Lexus. I just wish it had HID's like the our ML and Parktronic... cool feature as well.
  7. I would checkout Blackberry Forums because I seem to remember that it is a security feature on the Blackberry that will only allow you to use the bluetooth device as a speaker and mic, like if you were wearing a bluetooth earpiece. The security is in place to protect all your information such as emails and such. Hope this helps!
  8. I know that it was just wiring, no external box needed such as the coastaltech. I think I remember them saying something about the transmission speed wire as well going to the back of the head unit, but it could have been something else. Also my NAV unit still works and locks me out until I am at a complete stop or in park, this just fixes the DVD player feature and Bluetooth touch control so that you can use them while driving.
  9. Because I would imagine that the emergency brake wire directly from the emergency brake goes to other electronics as well, I for one would not want to risk that when the radio is easy to pull.
  10. This is how my DVD and Bluetooth bypass was done. They traced the emergency brake wire to the back of the stereo, cut it then grounded the wire from the back of the stereo and my eveything works great now and my wife can watch movies on long trips up front.
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