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  1. Labor Hours for both side: 4.2 for upper amd 1.2 for ball joint. Got these data from Mitchell On Demand.
  2. I bought the DVD from someone on Ebay and it is the real Lexus update. Now it doesn't read either one, old version or the new version neither works.
  3. I had to remove the back seats on my SC430 because I am having problem with my roof. There are some cables that run under the seats but there is no components at all.
  4. My 2002 SC430 roof doesn't go all the way down because the black piece behind the back seats doesn't go up to give enough room for the top piece to go all the way down in the trunk. Does any one has this problem?
  5. You don't have to dismount the tires from the rims, but make sure you install the rims to the same position on your car.
  6. Hello all, I just bought a new DVD Navi disc ver. 10.1 for my 02 SC430 after it updated put then it says no disc detected, and now my original disc I think it was ver. 2.1 when I put it back in it says Disck wrong version. Do you know how to down grade my Navi system so I could use the old disc? Or Can I force tthe system to update again? Thanx
  7. Just like OSLO said, it's all depends how you drive.. easy on the acceleration and let go the gas pedal if you see the red signal light in front of you... that will improve your gas mileage..
  8. How about early morning when the engine is cold?? Does it go over 1K RPM for the few minutes? My 97 is about the same like yours but if your car is running fine why worry about it then? Enjoy your ride my friend...
  9. You can get them on ebay, just type in sc430 oem filter and it will bring up a list of oem filters. Good luck.
  10. Yeah, I found water inside plug #7 housing, cleaned it up and car is running good now. Thanx.
  11. Hi all, Yesterday I washed my engine with the engine still running and drove it around for few miles and no problems. This morning driving to work and the CEL came on flashing and the car sound like miss firing. Pull the code and came up P0307,P0100,P0110. P0307 is #7 miss fire, P0100 and P0110 is AMF fault. I am thinking open the distributor cap and blow dry it but not sure which one is which and how hard to take it off. Thanx.
  12. Sorry to hear that your GS was toast because of broken timing belt...
  13. I don't know if it's true or not but I was told by an experience mechanic that if the timing belt is ORIGINAL FROM FACTORY ONLY then don't replace it until either your car has 150000 miles or your water pump is acting up. He also said that he has been replacing lots of timing belts on Lexus and Toyota with 120000 miles plus and they all look fine to him.
  14. Have you checked your front struts (shocks)? I had the same problem on my old 95 LS400 and the bushing on top of the struts were bad. Sometime it is easier just to replace the whole shock. Good luck.
  15. You need to find out from dealer which ECU is bad. I think there more than one ECU in Lexus.
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