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  1. Hi I am currently an 93 SC400 owner and thinking of buying an SC430, can anyone tell me if there is a better year for the SC430 and if I start looking for one what options should I look at in the car? I know being an SC400 owner there are certain things to look at that tend to break such as the power steering pump so if any of you out there that can steer me in the right direction before I spend some hard earned money I would appreciate it!!! Thx
  2. I just bought a 93 SC400 and both side mirrors will not move when you use the try to operate them. I have a second 93 SC400 that has the same problem so it appears to be a common problem with these cars does anyone know what might be causing this? By the way the latest SC400 I just bought is a beauty (4K) it is the green with gold letters but it does not have some of the extras my other SC has like no heated seats and no nakamichi but it does have the multi cd player and it still sounds good does anyone know what brand they put in that year was it BOSE?
  3. I just bought a 93 SC400 and the driver side inside door pocket assembly is loose and when you go to close the door with the handle it bends and feels like it is ready to fall off. I tried tightening the screw holding it in place under the handle but the screw will not hold. Has anyone had this problem and do you think it is just a matter of buying the new pocket assembly from the dealer and then pulling the inside door off and replacing it. I just thought I would ask around before undertaking removing the inner door since that is no easy task.
  4. I just spoke with BAP and Lexus and the heater control valve is 440 bucks, does anyone out there have a used heater control valve or any other suggestions on a replacement. :(
  5. You were right is was the heater control valve. How hard is it to replace and what is a good price for a replacement?
  6. No There is no coolant in the oil, it appears to be dripping somewhere between the engiine and the fire block could it be a hose going to the heater core. There just is not enough room to look up in that area. If it were that how can you replace that hose?
  7. Thx Will having the R-134a kit already installed in the system have done damage already? I just put it in last week and have not used the ac yet?
  8. I just converted my 93 sc400 ac to R-134a using a kit i bought from the auto parts store. Afterwards i read where you actually need to remove all the oil before converting has anyone done this and can you advise me. thx
  9. Can anyone tell me where the leak is coming from if I can see it dripping from behind the engine? The temp guage is also rising to half way? Help
  10. It's hard to get a good picture but the fluid appears to be clear and odorless but with a viscosity similar to an oil base fluid. It left a fairly large puddle but appears to have stopped, very wierd.
  11. Does anyone know where my oil leak is coming from? It appears to be from the right side of the engine and the oil is clear and does not smell. Does the starter have oil in it, because it has been acting up lately (continues after the key turned back)
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