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  1. I know the ones that i took out were NGK's. As far as the part # i think they were BKR6EIX11. Are they simply the wrong one's? I looked at NGK's site and noticed there are two types for my car. I dont think my car would stutter because of that would it? It just gets really annoying when i accelerate really slowly the popping noise is much more noticable.
  2. I changed all spark plugs on my GS400. I used the NGK Iridiums. For some odd reason my car is now misfiring or something. I feel a small stutter or pop outta my exhaust and a bump inside the car every few seconds at idle. What would this be from. I checked the gaps on the spark plugs and they were just fine. Someone help!!! Its annoying.
  3. First off I am having a little problem regarding my transmission. When i floor it (with the vsc off) my car tends to get stuck in a gear and changing at a higher rpm where I usually let go the acc to let it change. I was thinking about changing my tranny fluid but been reading posts where it is not recommended. I havent changed the tranny fluid in a while. What to do? I am going to change spark plugs which Im sure will bring my car to perform better. All in all my car has been sluggish. Also which plugs are best for my car? I need to change rear brake pads as well. I have axxis pads in front
  4. Wow theres a lot of hate going around. What we need to understand is some people like flying under the radar. Others like flashy things. Then you have the car enthusiasts that do things not for the likes of other but more for themselves. Its not their fault others like or or hate. First of all a Lexus is one of the last things you want to fly under the radar with. Not only are they luxury autos they tend to get alot of glances. I say nice wheels! I dont think I would sacrifice the speed and ride quality. Ill stick with my light 3-piece wheels. What can I say, Im a speed nut.
  5. If youre going to do something to your car then do it right the first time. Dont get a FIPK to have to spend money again to buy an SRT. Wait til you can afford to get the one you really want. Its better than having to buy another intake and have spent money laying in your garage or only returning you 50% of what you spent in the first place. Im going to buy the SRT because I have only heard good things about it.
  6. I have the borlas also and let me tell you, at first I thought they were too quiet. It wasn't until after 6 months or so that they matured into a great sound. Not too loud in the cabin either. Oh one more thing, the borla is a cat-back system.
  7. DisasterBUSE

    Mah Baby

    Whip pics
  8. send email to if you still have it.
  9. You might not like the look of the Borla but I have it and it sounds great. CL
  10. I took a good look at Borla, which claimed to have a nice low hum, and l liked the oval shaped exhaust tips. I went ahead bought and let me tell you I am in love with them, not too loud but when I have my car on manual and am running high RPM's the sound is to die for. I Usually fine any reason to run the rpm high just to hear them. Let me know if you any questions. CL
  11. Good lookin out BlueLex. Would the offset determine the lip? CJDel, I had 20x8.5 on mine and they rubbed a little since I had the stock suspension. i am planning on getting a staggered set for my whip and probably stiffen the ride too. Hated the sounds of rub on the wheel wells.
  12. I had a 20x8.5 all the way around and they were FWD wheels. All I know is that the measurement of the lug holes differ with FWD and RWD. The only thing I will say about 20's is that they tear up your wheels wells. Expect rubbing during hard turns and 35mph+ bumps. Make sure you get some quality light rims too, the jump on the car will be a little lost. What ever you do do not get RWD wheels all around. If you want a staggered set then go with a wider width for the rears.
  13. I've tried calling a few perf. shops around to see if I can get a performance intake for my GS400 and a they are all in the dark about that. One of the replies that I received was : "We usually dont deal with those cars so I wouldnt be able to tell you". I know weapon-R and SRT makes them but I wanted to know if anyone knows of another brand or can recommend one. Good lookin out. CL
  14. Check on Ebay. I saw one for around $200. Im not quite sure though. CL
  15. For all you out there that have, or know people that have 9.5" or 10" in the rear: Do the wheels slap right on? Do they stick out at all? Is there any modification I would have to do to the axle shaft??? I have 20x8.5 and I want to get the deep offset look going. Someone please fill me in. CL
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