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  1. I studied a website which shows a guy taking apart a 1994 LS 400 PS pump.He reports he had to weld together a puller rig to pull out the main seal or shaft.This as he did not have the Lexus factory puller.How did you pull out the main shaft/seal/bearing? It does look like a very tight seal or fit.Thanks. I took off the opposing side and just beat it out with a hammer, it was quite easy.
  2. beat on the top of the cluster like it owes you money
  3. I rebuilt my power steering pump using genuine Lexus parts for less than $35. It wasn't very difficult.
  4. smack the gauge cluster with your hand
  5. Change your transmission filter. It might be clogged up.
  6. Run some seafoam through the intake manifold, that might help a lot.
  7. I have the shimmy on my car as well, and also some wandering on the highway and a steering wheel that has to be reoriented in a different position to go straight every time I hit a bump. Something's very wrong with the suspension - I hope new strut rods fix the issue. Ball joints and shock absorbers are 2 years old. Lower and upper control arm bushings look fine. Strut rod bushings have been cracked since I bought the car in 2006, and I assume that they've only gotten worse and worse with time.
  8. If the motor gets really warm, turn on the heater to full blast.
  9. Rip out the top/bottom covers on the steering column behind the wheel and disconnect the two motors. Done.
  10. While I had the trans out in my car today I changed the EGR tube. It was impossible to do without removing one of the studs at the bottom, and even then, the fit wasn't perfect. Pain in the neck to do, unfathomable with the trans still in the car.
  11. A new hood, bumper, lights, rad support, some misc. top end engine bay parts, and... it looks like it'll live another day. If you want to sell it cheap let me know.
  12. With the Miata come new fears, and not those related to age!