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  1. Errr...I'm sure she'll be speaking for herself here shortly, but we shouldn't be too hard on ccf913 here. Looks like she tackles a DIY project whenever she feels capable of it. For instance, she gave me a nice write up on how to replace the seat belt retractor in this post. That said, however, I am in agreement with the idea of buying the part and then finding a good import mechanic to put it in for those jobs that are too much to handle. Dealership prices ARE outrageous. Trouble is, the good locally owned *honest* shops are getting crowded out more and more by the corporate guys.
  2. Wow! ccf913...that was certainly very nice of you to have taken the time to give such a complete "how-to". I certainly wasn't expecting such a complete rundown of what it takes to replace this item. Thanks to you, I think I'll take another look at the running board and see if I can save myself some $ over what the dealer charges for labor. Much appreciated, -Taz
  3. I took a look at the running board cover by the drivers seat and couldn't exactly see how to pull the thing off. Do you have to take the entire running board off before you can access the cover over the retractor? Or are you saying that you can just pry up a corner of the running board to get to it? I've got a good source for a seatbelt assembly for a $100, but I hate to buy it if I can't figure out how to install the thing without snapping the plastic of the cover or running board. Thanks. Oh yeah...are there different seat belt assemblies for the "memory" seats and those without?
  4. But VMF...isn't this essentially how the dealer should have checked out the charging system...with the engine running and all? Since they got a reading of 14v why should I get anything different? (Not trying to argue with your knowledge...just not sure I understand). Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys...sounds like either one of your diagnosis could be right. However as you've had a similar problem, Skperformance, I'm beginning to suspect that the alternator is causing a drain on the battery somehow like you described. I guess it could still causing a drain in spite of the fact that it gave a full 14volts reading when it was in at the dealer? They swore that it delivered 14v and all looked fine.
  6. I've recently purchased a 94 LS400 and, unfortunately, don't know the history on the alternator or battery (however, the battery appears to be the right specification and is about 24 months old). I've encountered two problems starting the car since I've had it. Both times the problems seem to appear after the car has gone undriven for 48 hours or more. The first time, I got the rapid click o'death and naturally thought it was time to replace the battery. However, after I went to start it about an hour later, it kicked right on over. I went ahead and cleaned the battery posts and cable
  7. Check this site for instructions. Hope it helps, -Taz
  8. Taz


    Don't know about newer LS400's, but for 90-94 LS400s I understand the Nakamichi amp is below the CD changer in the trunk. Here are some pictures with step by step removal instructions at this site. Hope this helps, -Taz
  9. Thanks, Bryan...sent you a PM. -Taz
  10. Amazing...when I spotted the title to this post and read the first couple of messages I thought, there's not a chance in the world that my lil' ol' home town of Charleston, SC would have a quality PDR man in it! In fact, I've been a little discouraged with finding anyone in town (outside of the Lexus dealership) that knows much about the care and feeding of my newly purchased 1994 LS400. Shelly's LS400...can you tell me how to find/contact you in Charleston? (Also looking for a good detailing service in town as well.) Tried your email link through the board here, but couldn't get it to work
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