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  1. I hope you can help me with this problem before I take my 2000 GS400 (129k miles) to the dealership. I have had no problems w/ the car until now and have owned it for about four years. Three weeks ago check engine LED came on but has been on and off since then. Two days ago VSC and VSC/OFF LEDs came on. Rear differential fluid changed for the first time (in about four years) about 1,300 miles ago. Car has had frequent scheduled synthetic oil changes. Automatic transmission fluid was changed 20k miles ago. Timing belt & spark plugs done last year. Before I start let me say I have the same symptoms in when I drive in reverse. Today I drove my car 6 miles and it drove fine. Turned it off for one hour then when I turned it back on I placed it in reverse and there was a huge jerk. It did reverse but I had to press the pedal harder than normal. I then placed the car in drive and there was another huge jerk. The car moved but very slowly. I then had to press the gas pedal almost all the way down for the car to move at normal speed. As a test I put the car in park and pressed the gas pedal but the revs did not increase until the pedal was almost all the way down. I managed to drive 6 miles to get home by putting “the pedal to the medal” simply to get to normal speeds. If I leave the pedal to the medal then the car does pick up speed as it should. I noticed after a complete stop I hit the gas and the car moves slowly for three seconds then jerks before picking up speed. Because the car isn't moving unless I put the pedal to the metal I am afraid to drive it. It hesitates then jerks before going. Any ideas PLEASE?? :-(
  2. No sure but where did you find one? I need to replace mine.
  3. I had the same problem (noise) and it was the CD changer.