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  1. Same thing happens to me, but fortunately not while I was parking. The 6 or 7 occurrences happen when stopping to make a left turn! Just before a complete stop, the car suddenly and strongly accelerated/
  2. Recently leased a 2013 LS460 with under 10K miles. I have now experienced 5 or 6 episodes sudden and hard acceleration when breaking to a stop. The car has been to the dealer three times and found nothing and each time they blamed something other than a malfunction with the car. In fact the strongly implied it was driver error? I have been driving for many years and in fact have three other cars and have never experienced anything like this. Now today, just a while ago I had another episode and had to put the car in part to stop! I am out of ideas, other than to park the car at the dealer! Any suggestions?
  3. Tilt And Telescope Wheel Not Restracting

    Thanks for quick response; I will refer this to the dealer!
  4. I have a 2001 LS430 with a tilt and telescope steering wheel that intermittantly does not retract when the ignition is turned off. This happens with no failure pattern. The dealer and Lexus field reps (3 have looked at the car) do not know what is the cause. The ignition switch has been replaced twice, the motors in the steering column have been replaced twice and the solenoid behind the ignition switch has been replaced once. The problem is still there! Does anyone have an idea besides replcaing the entire steering wheel assembly and controls? Thanks, Fred