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  1. Hi, does anyone knows how to take the glove box door out? If anyone has the service manual please let me know the step by step instructions... Thanks, Larry
  2. Apparently there is a TSIB covering my issue. TSIB LSB 0161-08, it calls for the Start/Stop switch or button to be replaced. I hope it will resolve the starting issue. Thanks again for those who gave feedback.
  3. Hi all, I am hoping someone can give me an insight as to what is going on with my wife's ES350. Already search the forum and not seeing anything useful in my case, maybe I am not searching with the right key words... The ES is having some starting issue. First time happened back in July. Wife needed to start the car 3 to 4 times before it will startup -> pressed the start/stop button, all lights came up and stayed -> pressed the start/stop button to stop engine. 4 times later it worked but the A/C shut itself off. Took it to the dealership and replaced the battery under warranty (also checked charging system), everything works fine until yesterday. She once again needs to start the car 3 times before it will startup. Won’t start the first time -> pressed Start/Stop button to start engine, all lights came up and stayed. Pressed Start/Stop button to stop engine. Started up but dead the second time -> pressed Start/Stop button to start engine, everything checked okay (Completed on display). Put car in Reverse but it won’t backup. Put it back to Park and the battery and check engine light came up. Pressed the Start/Stop button but engine won’t even stop. Waited for about a minute and pressed the Start/Stop button and it stopped this time. Started engine for the third time and able to drive home without any issue. Thanks for your help and I hope my desciption of the issue make sense (all my wife told me was the car won't start, it told me another 30 mins asking her questions "patiently" before coming up with above "more" desciptive information). Seriously speaking, this ES needs more warranty work done than my two other cars combined. Just a little unsettling since I would think it should be the most reliable one.
  4. Hi, Anyone installed the 3M clear shield on the full hood? Since the ES isn't coming for another 1 to 2 weeks, I have no idea whether the 48" wide 3M film is wide enough to cover the full hood (I am not too crazy about covering just the front 24" in., the line may stand out too much) And if you have done it, can you tell me if $850 - full hood, bumper, fender flares and side mirrors is too much ot just right. Thanks, Larry
  5. Well, after a total of 2 weeks at the body shop, I finally went picked up the car. The sales manager already awared of the exterior issues I had and was there to inspect the car with me. Boy, let me tell you what a poor job this dealership did. Out of the 10 areas I pointed out, nothing was done to some of them and for areas they did, I can do a better job myself. How can they call it fixed when it was worst than before (repainted areas feel rough, the replaced chrome trim on one of the window was all scratch up, etc.). Also, the clear bra they put on has bubbles on the bumper and the 2 circles (sensors) on the bumper, they cut the clear bra free hand to fit those sensors and it looks ugly and unprofessional. The sales manager was speechless as I pointed out these things one by one. Out of the blue he said that they will take the car back and get a new one for me. I am a little shock, I don't know what he has to do and I don't care. It is not a Lexus buy back and they can't sell it here as a new car again (even with less than 100 miles on it), surprised they are willing to take the lose... Anyway, it happened that a new identical one is on its way to CA port on 12/22 so he thinks it can be here as early as the last week of Dec but no later than the first week of Jan. Until the replacement is here, they are letting us use a brand new 07 RX350 with nav and only 11 miles on it. This is another shocking thing to me, a brand new car as a loaner and I will probably put 600 miles (2 weeks worth of commute) on it before returning it. Who really wants to buy a brand new car with over 600 miles unless there is a deep discount... I will still talk to the GM there about their service department, it is obvious they are incompetent. I want to give them a chance to address the body shop quality issues before contacting Lexus. I will definitely look for a new dealership to service the car as Steve suggested from an earlier post.
  6. I didn't even know the trunk wasn't working until the service advisor try to open it himself. He checked the switch in the glove box and it was set properly. Now my wife is thinking about what else can go wrong, that's not a good feeling especially a new vehicle. I guess I am just going to wait until we get it back next Tuesday (I hope) and start looking for a new dealership for services. I have to call the sales consultant back, wasn't in when he called after my email. I will see what he has to say. I know they will try to work it out so I won't call Lexus directly.
  7. Hi all, Coming back for more advice. If you recall, we purchased a brand new ES350 with 25 miles on it on 12/2 evening. I don't usually purchase vehicles evening/night simply because I can inspect it thoroughly. My mistake thinking it is a Lexus so it should be in "perfect" condition. The next door, when I was inspecting the vehicle, I have noticed scratches at 8 different areas, a spot with different paint color (mine is golden almond and the spot looks like Amber), 3 areas with paint chip and nick that needed to fix and repaint. The trunk doesn't open. Long story short, I brought the ES for my wife as a gift and so far she has driven 15 miles and it spends more time at the dealership than with us. A brand new Lexus requires 4 days of body works and the dealership's service department is not very customer oriented. We felt that we have made a mistake in getting a Lexus (family members keep insisting we get a LExus, not an Acura or Infiniti, because of the quality of Lexus and customer service). So far, we have none. I took the first step by writing to the sales consultant who sold us the ES a week ago. We are not asking for or looking for anything in return (we paid the $43000 in cash) but we are just not satisfy at this point. What would you do? And it is not typical for a Lexus to require 4 days of body works right? Guess I am just letting out my frustration. Thanks!
  8. Great, I am feeling a lot better now. Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. Hi all, new member but have been visiting the site for the past few months, thanks for the great information and advices. Anyway, just took delivery of a new ES350 past Saturday (with 25 miles on the odometer), it is a beautiful car. My question is that right after we drove it home and stepped out from the car, we noticed this burning smell (from the front and rear), those burning rubber or plastic kind of smell. I checked engine oil, break fuild, coolant, trans fuild and everything is good. I took the car in today to have clear bra, tint, and lo jack installed and when I told the advisor about the burning smell, he said it is normal. I never have a new car that does that but this being the first lux car we have, I don't know what to take. So is it normal and nothing to be concern about? Thanks, Larry