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  1. If anyone is interested in the complete 3rd row set tan color for a '03 GX470 send my a message. I have them listed on eBay. Have to trade my baby in after 10 years of ownership as it needed too much work (rack and pinion, rear shocks, possibly the ECU as I could never figure out my electrical problem from previous posts earlier this month.
  2. Awesome fix. I went to Auto Zone and they dont carry the 1156NA, only the 1156 which is clear :( , so I went to another local parts store and $3.24 later my two turn signal/running lights are fixed. Both accessible from under the hood. Two gray light housings just twist out , swap the bulbs, twist back in and its done!!!!
  3. I looked into this a while ago. I found a site that describes how to do it but its not a hack. It involves cutting wires which i didnt have the guts to do. You have to ground the wire coming from the e brake going to the nav system to trick the nav system into thinking the brake is engaged. There are two motion sensing cables coming from the back of the nav screen. One is for the gps for tunnels and areas where the satellites cant track the nav system. (in NYC we go through mile long tunnels and the triangle on the screen still moves even without satellite exposure. The other is for navigation entry (notice after you go 5 mph you cant enter destinations, etc on the nav screen) & and dvd playing. Do a search for this on google. Thats where I found it. Step by step instructions on how to access the back of the nav system were great but like I said I didnt want to mess with it. Plus the temptation to watch the screen while driving made me nervous. Good luch and be careful! P.S> I will try and find that site for you.