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  1. MrDownLow: Perfect download. Exactly what I needed to be able to replace my valve cover gaskets
  2. Hi All, Have had a 93 LS400 for 3 years. Replaced the headlghts with Silverstars. They are bright!! I had to take the corner lights out and noticed they have bulbs in them but, I cannot figure out when they are supposed to come on. Neither side came on no matter what I did. If I knew when they are supposed to work I can check fuses, bulbs, wires etc. Thanks for your help. Ron
  3. All, Been watching EBAy to find someone to fix my speedo & tach. Saw the following company and asked specifically if they fix the guages. I attached their Email rewpnse. Looks as it they can fix all the problems. They were cheap $175 compared to $400 for another company. Let me know if any of you try it. Sounds great!! Ron Hello, This repair includes testing and repairing all of the following problems: Backlight Probelms * Backlight flickering, * Backlight completely out, * Temperature-sensitive backlight. Needle Problems * Faded Needles, * Intermittant needl
  4. Also if the instrument cluster is removed the light can come on. Have a 93 and tried to buy the air bag sensor on Ebay. Was supposed to be for a 90 to 94. Ended up with the wrong model 89170-50011. Needed 89170-50020. The unit is for sale cheap if you can use it. Quite a job to replace. I can send you the pdf of how to replace the sensor if you need it. Ron
  5. Hi Gene, See attached pdf. For a 93. Probablythe same as yours. Shows how to replace the timing belt from the service manual. Second page shows the tensioner. Ron eg48_timingbe.pdf
  6. 1990LS400, Thanks for the tip on the TISB. will check it out. The movement seems to unnecessary wear on the parts. We have two drivers. Going from one position to the other 2 or 3 times a week would greatly extend the life of the gears. Aside from that it is annoying. Ron
  7. Hey akewl, Have same problem with my 93. Check out ebay. One of the instrument panel repair guys says he can fix and will guarantee for 5 years. Only catch its $450 not $150 as the teaser says. Here is the reference: Top Picks from bo268 (27) 100.0% Positive Feedback 1 items listed on eBay LEXUS LS400/430(93-06) speedometer cluster repair US $150.00 Shipping: +US $30.00 End time: Aug-19-06 17:23:11 PDT Good luck All Ron
  8. Hi Jaxx If you sell, how much are you asking. I have 2 LS' a third would be nice. I can be there in 5 hours from ATL. Email is LaserRon
  9. Hi All, Saw in my owners manual that the dealer could reprogram something to stop the steering wheel from automatically moving upwards when the key is turned off. Also have a 93 LS. It has a switch to stop the automatic movement. Has anyone done this or heard of it being done by the Stealer! Your help is appreciated. LaserRon
  10. Hi All, Just a word of caution before you buy the sensor. I have a 93 with the classic speedo and Tach not working problem. If you watch your odometer when the speedo is not working and it is counting up it is NOT the speed sensor. If it does not count chances are good it is the speed sensor. Still have not been able to find a repair shop for the two problems. Has anyone been successful in repairing this annoying problem?
  11. I have a copy of the manual. Does not go to that level of detail. Tells in great detail how to test the switches. If it is one of the switches on the drivers door perhaps, you could carefully take one of the other switches apart and see where the pieces go. Good luck LaserRon
  12. Now I'm not sure if this is corroded or not... if so, how do I clean it? Definately corroded. Probably have one light in the bulb work and not the other. Make sure the lights are off. Get some fine steel wool. "OOO" and form it into a cylinder and push it in the socket and turn as it hits bottom. Take it out look and keep working until both terminals are shiny. Be very careful to blow out all bits of steel wool or pick it out with needle nose pliers. Just blow with your mouth. Should do the trick. Bet both lights work now!!! LaserRon
  13. Grandpa, I remembered some discussion about wiring and tail lights. Below is a copy of one response. If this does not help do a search for trunk wiring tail lights etc. Hope this is your problem. LaserRon Quoted elsewhere: A very common problem on the early LS models involves a broken wire in the wiring harness which is attached to the driver side trunk hinge. I have never heard of this problem causing the exact same thing that you are experiencing; however, it does cause numerous electrical problems which manifest themselves in strange ways. You can read the numerous posts about this prob
  14. Locksmith is on Chamblee Dunwoody road in Chamblee. will have to look up their name. There are not too many in the yellow pages
  15. Thanks for all your advice. do not feel so bad as this seems "normal" Just for general maintenance I will change the fluid using lexls tutorial hopefully this weekend. Also will do the 93 I have with 136 k on it using T IV fluid
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