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  1. For anyone in the Atlanta area, please make sure you check out Butler Lexus in Macon when shopping for your next Lexus. I have been shopping hard for 3 months - all over the southeast - for a new GX. Dave Gibson, the sales manager, gave me a tremendously good shopping experience, and a price that no one could touch in the Atlanta area. Just my 2 cents, and the hope that it helps someone else!
  2. I would suggest you go to and check out the invoice versus msrp pricing for your options and vehicle. I have been studying the 2004 GX market for about a month now. Just recently (about a week ago) Lexus told their dealers to give away at no charge the 3rd row seat/rear ac option at no cost (it is manufacturer code TH for that option). So given that, with Nav, hitch, 3rd seat, spoiler and mat setup- msrp=49,900 +/-. Dealer invoice (a term which means something close to the cost they pay Lexus for vehicle) for same vehicle is $42,500+/-. Here in Georgia it is easy to find sever
  3. Sorry - just sold mine this morning Mike
  4. I have an '01 RX300 for sale: Dark Green, with Tan interior. 39k miles, Navigation, 4WD, HID headlights, spoiler and towing package (never towed anything but bicycles, though)- superb condition, all maintenance done per book. Asking $27.5k . If interested, I am at ;; Atlanta, GA Selling it to get an LX.
  5. Thanks R3 Decided to keep looking - looks like plenty available at that price. Ideally would like to buy from original owner. Have had great success in past by just sticking to that principle. I found that if I meet the owner, I can tell almost immediately if they are the kind of person to take care of the vehicle. Also have the advantage of seeing records, etc. I have narrowed down the search, though. Colors: only White, Gray or Black (preferably White); below or at 45k miles, navigation system. Location is irrevalent- I will travel anywhere to get the one we want. There are posts
  6. Awesome reply- thanks for the time and help. I seem to be on the same wavelength as you on my search. Test drove an '01 today with 51k miles- off lease vehicle- they want $39k walk away (has Levinson and Nav). I will keep looking for one that has more verifiable service history. Seems like a lot of off lease vehicles stop having maint at 36k miles. mike
  7. r2run33 Thank you for your reply. I would love to get your sources, but can't email you directly (due to administrator- I guess I don't have enough posts). I like the road trip aspect, too- flying around to look at prospects would be easy and fun for me. Mike
  8. DRB Are you a dealer? I am looking only at private sales. Mike
  9. Antss: Thanks for the info - very helpful. We have our RX serviced (mostly warranty only- I do a lot of reg maint myself) at Hennessy on PTInd- have had great service from Brian there. How about you? I found an '01 in Auto - turned out to be a scam. The person (posing as 'Susan' ) gave me a line that 'she' had recently been transferred to London, but the car was in CT (even thought the phone number listed in the ad was AR). Many back/forth- looked very convincing. Did a CarFax- bad VIN orig listed, 'she' then gave me the right one. Checked clean. Then the kicker- 'she' wa
  10. Would appreciate any helpful comments on my search for a used LX470 for my wife. She currently drives an '01 RX300, loves it, but wants the bigger beast. Can't blame her - I tried to talk her into that originally. We need to have the Navigation system, but beyond that just want low mileage. Any comments on what to look for, avoid, etc?! Better or worse years in that range (stopped at '01 due to price), options that are 'must haves' or 'must avoids'? Thanks to any and all who take the time to educate this rookie. Mike in Atlanta, GA
  11. There is conflicting (to me, at least) info in my 2001 RX300 Owners manual on tire rotation patterns. The Owner's Manual gives one universal rotation guideline, but refers you to the Maintenance Guide for additional (tire manufacture specific, I assume) information. Flipping over there, I notice two different patterns - one for AWD, and the other for FWD vehicles. One is back to front, front crossing over, the other is opposite. Anyone know the real scoop? It seems as though the manufacturer recommendations consistently have the AWD rotation opposite of the FWD pattern. Thanks for any he
  12. Thanks for the reply, JP. Helps a great deal. My dad is a huge BMW guy- can't understand my choice. I told him that the Lexus is a Mercedes that actually works! I am a BMW cycle guy, so can relate to your plight. Mike
  13. I am a new Lexus owner (and new member) - having recently purchased a used 2001 Rx300 AWD. I reviewed the TSB listing in AllData, and a couple of items caught my eye- Paint-Body Protective Film; A/T Fluid requirements, etc. Is there any way to read up on the details of the TSB's. The vehicle I bought has not had dealer checks past 5k miles (except for seat spring popping corrective work- which shows up on the TSB list!)? Do dealers 'update' all vehicles that come in for service per the TSB's ? Thanks for any input
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