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  1. Not exactly sure what "snap" means here.. The symptom was, if going over a pothole, bump, undulation in the road, etc. at certain speads (and especially when cold) I would hear a single rattle coming from the area. Is this "single rattle" what you mean by snap? Of course, generally there were lots of these undulations, etc so the net result would be a series of annoying (and rather loud) rattling noises. In any case, since persistence at the dealer paid off (being able to reproduce was key) I suggest you take it in and let your dealer address this. We all agreed (especially the dealer, thank
  2. Not sure exactly what they did, however it was a fairly lengthy repair that at a minimum required them to remove the plastic from above the dash. There wasn't a TSB when we discovered this issue (although there ARE TSBs relating to other sources of creaks and rattles on or near the dash) - based on my experiences they may yet create one, according to the mechanic. In any case, things are much better now and if you are in two minds about this I would encourage you to do it, assuming that your symptoms are attributable to the same root cause. BTW, the dealer was Lexus of Chester Springs, PA.
  3. And for the record, this was indeed the issue, and is now fixed. Regards, Nick Hislop
  4. Update - After much investigation at the dealer, we managed to reproduce the issue - which was something to do with the insulation on the struts that supported the rear part of the console / dashboard area. The dealer has taken the car apart, and is fixing - I will report back once the issue has been categorically fixed.
  5. Hi all, had my ES350 (black/black, looks sweet) for about 3 weeks. Enjoying the car, but have noticed a significant rattle coming from the dash area - sounds as if it is coming from near the area where the center speaker is located. Extremely noticeable when hitting bumps in the road at about 45 mph or so; can also be triggered by more pronounced bumps at lower speeds. Is this a known issue? If so, how can this be fixed? I have taken the car to the dealer once already, they claimed to fix it but did not (grrr..), I am putting it in again next week and wondered if there were any suggestions I
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