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  1. I have Alenzas on my 400 and love them. They're especially impressive on rain-soaked roads where I've noticed little-to-no hydroplaning compared to the OEM Michelins. In the winter, I mount Bridgestone Blizzaks which are great in the snow.
  2. I'm in the middle of NH and we currently have 2' of snow on the ground w/another 9-12" expected this week. I purchased my Blizzaks from Tire Rack and bought dedicated alloys for the snow tires. Because of the heavy use of salt and sand up here, I didn't want to mess up the factory wheels. Tire Rack makes this easy with wheel/tire packages. I have Blizzak DM-Z3's, size 235/65R17. Hope this helps!
  3. We just had our rear brakes done @ 45K or so on our '06. It sounds legit to me based on mileage and vintage.
  4. Snow tires are the key! See my multiple posts on the 400h's performance in winter conditions. A new set of Blizzaks will alleviate your concerns.
  5. Hi Rey, I've had mine on for about 20K now and still love them. When I first got them, I felt they were slightly louder than the OE Michelins but not objectionably so. I certainly find them to be quiet at highway speeds and love both their handling and wet-weather road performance. I'll definitely be getting another set but it will be awhile-they're wearing exceptionally well. There are other Dueler H/L's out there so be sure and get the Alenza variant. My sister just put a set on her Volvo XC-90 and is extremely happy with them.
  6. Since you mentioned Tire Rack, I thought I'd quote what they say about choosing the right snow tire size. Here it is: I have Bridgestone Blizzaks, size 235/65R17, mounted on dedicated alloys for winter driving. For summer, Bridgestone Alenzas mounted on the OE alloys, size 235/55/R18.
  7. Ron, There are others who are more knowledgeable about the nav system but I'm pretty sure that if you have a Gen.4(2006 RX) nav system, the last database that you can create a hybrid disc that the car will accept is 6.1. I'd love to hear if you get your disc to work. Of course these comments are all based on the assumption that you have a 2006 RX 400h.
  8. Sorry to say you're stuck with the display as is. I just upgraded to database 8.1 but the generation disc on the 2006 RX400h will always be gen.4. It may not be as pretty but it's still extremely functional. On the bright side, my 2006 has almost 50k and has had no mechanical problems so you made a good decision buying a used 2006.
  9. Thanks guys, I just had the air filter replaced at 40K so I think that's out as a cause. I'm wondering if there's a plugged drain in the A/C system. That happened once in my VW GTI(last VW I'll ever purchase BTW). The mold in the condenser sounds plausible/probable. My kids Mazda 6 actually got a mouse nest established in the system and had to be thoroughly cleaned out. That smell really stunk coming out through the vents. I don't think/hope that isn't my problem. Any more thoughts are greatly appreciated. Mark
  10. Hi all, I've just started noticing an odor coming from the A/C system immediately after start-up and lasting 30-45 minutes. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm taking the 400 in for it's 45K service next week and would like to give the adviser some suggestions. The smell is a "musty" or mildew-like smell. Thanks!
  11. First, I never suggested that the 400h is an off-road vehicle. It's not and my mention of my Sequoia ownership and experience with that SUV were meant to convey that I realize that the 400h is not as competent as certain dedicated 4WD or AWD vehicles. With that said, I can attest to the 400h's performance in heavy snow as can other members of this forum. Snow tires and driver technique, as discussed ad nauseum here, are critical when you live in snowy areas. If you don't change your tires, you'll likely complain about the AWD system or end up "off-road" as many of our MA and CT visitors do
  12. Living in the great white north and having just weathered the 2nd snowiest winter recorded in NH with an RX400h, I can tell you that the 400h is quite capable. To call it a "joke" without having any experience with it in true winter conditions is misleading at best and is reminiscent of WWest's opines of yore. My previous SUV, a Toyota Sequoia, was extremely capable and I was apprehensive to purchase the 400h but decided to take the risk. After two winters, I've not been disappointed. I've driven it in 12" of snow with no difficulties and have never seen the "Christmas Tree Effect" you imp
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