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  1. How sure are you that the batetry needs to be replaced. Lots of things can result in a fully discharged battery that simply needs to be recharged. If the alternator has failed, for instance, you may find yourself out the cost of a new battery for no good reason. The best thing to do is to restart the vehicle via jumper cables and then see if the charging system will recharge the battery. And by the way its SPRINGTIME! This is the most common time of year for corroded or slightly loose battery terminals to "show" themselves. I would remove the battery connections, clean and burnish the bat
  2. My 1993 Lexus ES300's battery just died on me. I was wondering if it requires alot of work to replace the battery myself. Or should i just jumpstart the car and take it to NTB or something? If i do it myself? What kind of tools would i need? Would normal socket ranches do for this job? TIA!
  3. Not sure if this is true but i heard that during hard freezes one should not engage the hand brake?
  4. i think they are cramshaft and crankshaft seals. My car was leaking oil...according to my mechanic this is a toyota phenomena, most of his Toyota works are involved with changing seals because most of the older Toyota's have oil leak problems.
  5. It's a ' bro gave it to me just a few months back.. it had a problem leaking bunch of coolant ..that was why i took it to a machanic way out there in Arlington (he's quiet cheap)..i think the same job would require me to shell out $1-2k at the Lexus Dealers easy..
  6. For some odd reason i can't find the old thread i started about my car's low coolant level. Anyway. Finally got it fixed over the weekend. I ended up changing: Radiator Water Pump Front Seals Spark Plugs Timing belts Driving belts part & labor about $800...
  7. I always buy OEM oil fiters ( my friend and I change oil ourselves, and we both own Honda cars) anyhow..just got this '93 ES300 from my brother as a gift (yeah i know nice bro:)) i looked online and didn't see Lexus OEM oil filters the only things that come close is the Nippon there such a thing as Lexus Oil Filters at all? or should i get Toyota OEM oil flters? thanks in advance!:)
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