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  1. Hello all, What's the BEST way to hack my Iphone into my stock Pioneer radio (99 GS300, no Nav) so that I can play music. I'm not a fan of FM modulators, looking to hardwire into stock radio. Thanks, Al
  2. It looks to me that the Navtool products for the 98-00 Lexus only do the video. Audio has to be done through an FM modulator or FM transmitter. The Navtool wouldn't help connect an iPod. I wonder if this would work without Nav??? LexusiPod Adapter Does this work for 99 GS300 with Pioneer Head Unit and no Navigation ?
  3. Wondering if anyone out there came up with a solution ?
  4. Looked it over and it seems that nothing is available as of yet. Does anyone out there have a plug and play solution ? This is becoming frustrating !!!
  5. no sir.....i missed that. i think my brain was out for a cigarette or something at the time i read that! i didnt even notice him saying he had the pioneer.....oops Is there something out there that would enable me to hook up directly to my head unit and provide an RCA input ? Perhaps I can disconnect my CD changer and plug/hack in through that port ? What are my options ?
  6. That's nice but Al has a standard Pioneer system and the Navtools including the one you bought are listed as being for navigation systems. Am I missing something? That's right ! I have the stock Pioneer radio with NO navigation... I'm basically looking for something that will allow me to listen to my music on a hard wired line (I hear FM modulaters kinda suck). I do NOT really need full integration as I would most likely control my music directly from the iPhone as it's the easiest way to navigate/scroll through my audio files. Is there something out there that would enable me to hook
  7. I went through the same thing this past summer... Had a mechanic friend take it all apart at his shop, re-seal evap box and reinstall. Lexus wanted 2500 or so to replace entire assembly when all I needed was the evap box which they would not sell seperatly. So far so good, I hope you have as much luck as I did.
  8. Hello all, I just got an Iphone and was looking into the BEST way to hack into my stock Pioneer radio (99 GS300) so that I can play music. I'm not a fan of FM modulators, looking to hardwire into stock radio. Thanks, Al
  9. Hello All, I want to add a double din in dash navigation unit to my 99 GS300 which has the stock Pioneer radio and CD changer. Is Pioneer the way to go and if so, which one will work best on my vehicle ? I want to be able to plug my I-phone into into it as well as having blue tooth capabilities. I have a few models in mind but would love any feedback before making a $1000 plus decision. Thanks, Al
  10. You may feel that's an awful idea but I kept that $2000 in my pocket :) Besides this GS has 95K miles and is probably worth about 10K, to spend 25% percent on a repair that is truly NOT needed is a waste of money. I'll spend 2.5K on the car but I'd rather spend it on things that make the car safer and look more up to date. I'm most likely going to buy a new GS in a couple of years when I turn 40, Happy Birhtday to me !!! I'll still keep my original GS as she has been garaged kept and very well taken care of. It has almost all of the updated features and most people think it's an 04 or 0
  11. Thank you ! I will take it apart this weekend... Is it an actual bulb that can be replaced or a LED that is not replaceable ?
  12. Hello, I've got a 99 GS300 and the other night I noticed that the shift plate LED's do not light up anymore. Has anyone out there had the same problem? I'm hoping that it's just a connector that's loose, I'm going to take apart the center console and see if there's a loose connection. Thank you, AL
  13. Brian, So far so good... No leaks and I've been using the A/C on everyday basis.
  14. I can get you a factory replacement LCD for your Pioneer headunit if you want to go that route. Thanks for the response... Will this also remedy the number 3 & 4 LED buttons that are out as well ?
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