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  1. I have a 06 GS 430 and there is a lot of wind noise from the sunroof. I'm saying that it is so annoying at 70 mph that you need to close the inner fabric liner to be able to enjoy the expensive Mark Levinson stereo. I brought the car back to the dealership and they had it for a day, they made "adjustments" to it and said they thought it was much better. I drove it home 90 miles and it was better, but still much too noisy. (I have also have a 10 year old volvo and there is absolutely no noise from the roof.) The next day I opened the roof and when I closed it again it was as noisy as ever. The dealer said I can bring it back and they will go at it again, but I am sorry, a car like this should not have wind noise problems in the sunroof. Any one else?
  2. In regards to the GS forums. When I open the GS forum there is only one subforum and it is for the gen 2 cars. There is no subforum for the 06+. Please check this out. Thanks Disregard. Im an idiot. I wrote this then went there again, and it was there!
  3. I just joined this forum a few weeks ago and found some great info for my 06 GS430. Now with this restructuring, when I go to the GS category I can't get any of the info for the 06. Please direct me. Which way did it go?
  4. GS430WIboys

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  5. GS430WIboys

    Fresh from the showroom

    Lexus pics