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  1. Thanks for the tip. I just spent the last 45 minutes on their interactive website exploring the qualities of the new 3 series coupe. Nice car. Still gonna go see the IS 350 tomorrow...
  2. Not only are they small, they are with me no more than maybe couple of days a week for a few hours. When I had the Vette, I'd go get them in the old SUV I had... As I said earlier, I want to have a fun car with speed, handling and comfort and not have to drive the old beater when I take out family members other than my wife. Going down to look at the IS350 tomorrow... What are the things you like most about this car?
  3. I have a 250, so can't help you out there. But with the car itself, if you want 4 people to fit into it, comfortably, I'd say this car isn't good for you. Only because I've had people complaining (including myself, to be honest) that the back seat is small. If you want to put your grandkids in there, and they're younger, or you're just going for a short ride, it shouldn't be a problem at all. I actually like the smallness of my car, but when I put one of my best friend (6'2") back there and drive for an hour, he gets cramped and I feel his knees in my back the entire time........ Tha
  4. I haven't yet bought a Lexus but am seriously considering the IS350. I'm a former Corvette owner that wants similar performance and handling for 4 people. Seemed like such a waste to have it sitting in the garage when we'd take the grandkids/other friends somewhere for a ride. Soooo...I've been looking. I've already checked out the Infinti G35 and it's a sweet handling car for sure...seems to be a bit light on the acceleration though. How does the IS305 compare to that? Are there some things you wished you'd known before you bought your Lexus? I'm trying to gather a lot of information befo
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