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  1. Has anyone put on thiker tires on the 18'' wheels than the factory ones (225/40/18 or 255/40/18). My low profile tires wear out quick and wanted to know if thicker ones would fit?
  2. My IS250 average MPG is 28.7 and thats about 70% freeway, although freeways in Los Angeles arent always a good gas savers.
  3. Does anyone know the benefits of the Electronically Controlled Transmission with Intelligence (ECT-i). Thanks
  4. Does any one know how to get rid of the annoying oil change indicator so you can view other options instead?
  5. Hello All, Does any one know the purpose of the Road condition feature in the navigation? Also when you engage the detour, it has the options of 5, 15, or 25 miles. how does that work?
  6. I know how irritating it is to see a dent or a scratch but no matter how many times you fix it these sort of things keep happening. Life is full of losses and we have to put up with it. I was quoted $550.00 to repaint my hood for a minor scratch but I'm beginning to make peace with it.
  7. The Service department at VISTA lexus in Los angeles (Woodland Hills) told me that they charge $47.50 for just the oil change.
  8. The way my battery got drained was because i shuf off the engin, then pressed the start botton once or twice to close the windows, play with the nav. or the phone and then I must have left the car without pressing the start botton.
  9. On a few occasions I have driven 5 miles beyound the "0" miles left. It is based on you're average driving since the last time you filled up the gas tank.
  10. Hello All, In the three months that I've had my IS250 iIve managed to drain the battery 4 times by forgetting to fully shut down or leaving the assesories on. I'm used to thinking that if I have the keys/remote in my hand then the vehicle is fully shut down. Does this happened to any of you?
  11. Is there supposed to be an oil change interval indiator? how does it alert you?
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