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  1. Took it to a couple of mechanics and at least $300 plus parts. Actually, it could be much more. May require removal of starter and/or intake manifold since it is difficult to get to. Any ideas on how to fix this leak and/or bypass it even if the Heater/Core is temporarily bypassed? Due to timing/travel I cannot leave the car in the shop until about a month from now. thanks in advance. V
  2. Can anyone help me with the key fob programming on the following: 96 LX-450. Here are my instructions for a 1996 LX-450 (right out of the manual) for the page related to: IGNITION SWITCH-ACTIVATED AUTOMATIC DOOR LOCK/UNLOCK FYC, ON or START will lock the doors. They unlock when the key is turned back to LOCK or ACC. There apparently is no method to program it to disengage the feature. The booklet says the following only, at least for a 1996 model. Auto door locking: 1. enter vcehicle/close all doors securely. 2. Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it to ON or START. all of the doors will automaitically lcok. This feature will not work while if any door is open; all of the doors must be closed securely. Automaticd Door Unlocking. Turn the key to ACC or LOCK The automatic unlock feature will not work if door is unlocked and opened before the key has been turned back to LOCK or ACC. NOTE: The feature only works once before the doors are opened and closed again.