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  1. Is this normal or is this a problem. When I try to plug in a video game system, or a camcorder, into the video and audio inputs in rear navigation, I can only get audio through my headset. I want the audio to play through the car speakers, b/c sometimes more than 2 people want to hear whats going on. The dealer said, it's not possible, thats how it is. But I don't believe it. Does anyone else have this problem.
  2. WHere do you get these mods.. Specifically the lights for running board, blue tint, and tail Thanks
  3. Since nobody at my Lexus dealership knows how to operate my truck, I figured I would try a discussion list. I have a fully loaded GX470, but my main problem I have with it is with the Rear Seat Entertainment system. Hopefully, someone can tell me that I'm just not doing something correctly. I have a 3 year old who watches movies every time she is in the car, she is the only one in the back seat, and can't operate the remote control by herself. 1) If the screen is down and movie playing, everytime I turn of the car and turn it back on, the rear screen is OFF, but the movie is playing (b/c I hear it). Is there a way to turn the rear screen ON from the front console so that I don't have to reach around and find the remote everytime I want to turn it on. There is an option under "Display" from the front console that lets you turn it off, but you can't turn it back on. I did notice that sometimes the screen will come on automatically, but I dont' know when. I think it's when I put in a new DVD. If the rear screen came on automatically when I turned the car back on, this would be good also. 2) Since security features disable watching the movie on the front screen while driving (trying to find a way to disable this), I have a problem when I have to restart the movie after it's over. There is no ability to navigate the DVD options from the front while the car is moving (i.e menu to replay movie) I have to reach around witht he remote, try to look at the screen in the back, press menu, find the right button, and hit play, all while I'm trying to drive. (I know is sounds dangerous, but pulling over on the highway just to reset a movie is kinda daunting). The only thing you can do from the front is track up and track down. Get you operate the onscreen menu options somehow when the truck is moving. 3) When plugging in a third party video source, (i.e. video camera or play station) you only get sound from the wireless headphones, you can't get the sound to come through the cars speakers. Is this true (this is what Lexus told me). Why would this be. If I'm playing a video camera, I'm sure more than 2 people might want to hear it. Thanks for anyone that can be of assistance.
  4. I've been thinking of gettign 20's, or maybe 22's.. Does anyone have any opinion on Which size might look the best. (are 20's still a little small). I don't want them sticking out past the wheel well, but I want the tires to fit the truck. (as opposed to the factory ones which like like tiny fresbies)
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