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  1. I put a 3M clear bra on my Black 2008 IS shortly after purchase, based on my experience with my previous Black 2006 IS (which was totaled in a front-end collision, other guys fault...).. ..my 2006 IS quickly became pock-marked during and after the first winter in the DC area, given the large amount of rock-salt on the road.....I was constantly applying touch-up paint, and my car did not look so great... ....with my 2008 IS, I've had not problem with deep gouges & scratches; I feel it really is worthwhile to preserve the front-end finish....the disadvantage is, it is somewhat obvious close up, and you have to be careful applying finishing products (ie, wax), which can make the clear bra look more obvious. So, it is an individual decision, what a car owner wants- front-end protection with a slight degradation in everyday appearance, versus better initial appearance with likely pock-marking/dings for the near term and future. Only my thoughts... Mike
  2. Followed rjt65 recs, and am very happy with the results (with hand application only; sorry, don't have a buffer....).. The forumula of - 2 coats DWG - 2 coats UPFP - Wax .....seemed to work very nicely. Also, per your suggestion, have tried and like the FK1 425- very nice!!!! Great gloss. My only complaint, not very durable, and you need to watch for streaking....thus, I'll use the FK1 when I want the car to look glossy for the night; but for my 'week' cleaning, I'll still stick to the Sonus Acrylic Spritz- good gloss with more durability. FYI- My 2¢ worth... Cheers, Mike ....
  3. I'm in complete agreement with Steve; can't do much about chips but touch up. Prevention is the best defense.... ...my 2006 Black IS 250 suffered the same problems, especially during the winter, with constant rock-salt & gravel dings on my hood & front end... ...unfortunetely (or fortunately), that car was totaled in June in a front end collision, and I've replaced it with a 2008 copy, BUT, installed a clear bra right after purchase, per my own observations and experience, as well as Steve's sugggestion... ...so far, it has worked out great, although is has not been given the acid test (no significant snow fall, and thus, no significnat salt, sand, etc, here in DC).... But so far, no dings, and no touch up paint, and the car looks much better than my previous iteration.... SO,....I would recommend a clear bra if highway travel is your norm; it is minimally conspicuous, but the benefits outweigh the downsides... Just some thoughts... Cheers, Mike
  4. Steve and Everyone, Quick question with regards to this thread and products; if you kinda follow the recs here, (DWG & UPGP), is the Sonus Arcrylic Spritz compatible for in-between washes & treatments? I used the Ultima Spritz, and was VERY unimpressed with the results. I've used the Klasse products until recently, and the Sonus spritz seemed to work nicely for quick clean-up & detailing. I agree with other's comments here: Klasse is nice, but hard to work with- thus, I'm switching to the Ultima line. THanks for any follow comments. Cheers, Mike
  5. Steve, Yup, I think that's what I'm going to do; I'm going to have the 3M protectant put on the front too. I'm going to use NAB detailing in Alexandria; ever heard of them or know anything about them? They received good marks in the local Consumer Checkbook.... Thanks. Mike
  6. Thanks for the comments, much apprecaited. For now, I think I'm just going with the 3M treatment to the front. Mike Mike, I saw it on a GS at a golf course in June. I wondered what it was and then I went on the Lexus site. It only covered the top of the bumper where the trunk opening is. I guess it is for when you may scrape the bumper taking things out (or putting things in) your trunk...which by the way I did (I don't have the applique but I think I would have scraped the bumper anyway). Not sure how much it is to see if it was worth it or not. It looked ok to me...but depending on the cost, not sure if I would get it now that I don't have it.
  7. Does anyone have experience with Lexus 'Bumper Applique'? Never seen it, and wondering: - how does it go on, and is it easy to take off - how much of the rear bumper does it cover - how does it look (good/bad/indifferent) Here's the Lexus link to the IS version: http://www.lexus.com/models/IS/accessories...r_applique.html Any comments, and especially, and images, are most appreciated. Thanks. mike
  8. Fellow Luxus owners, Just wondering if anyone (Steve?) can recommend an installer/dealer for a clear bra/front-end kit for a 2008 IS 250 AWD. I actually had a black/black 2006 IS that was totaled last month (other guys fault,no one hurt), so I got a new black/black 2008 IS 250 AWD to replace it- basically, the exact same car. But I remember the front end & hood getting terribly chipped paint very quickly, just from everyday driving on the DC beltway/I-395, so would like to do a better job of protecting it. Reading around, is sounds like the cloth/vinyl covers are kinda a bad idea due to buffeting, resulting in scratches over time; and they look kinda funny....but when properly installed, it looks like the clear type should work pretty well. Some have commented that the 3M brand has too much of an 'orange-peel' look; any other brand anyone can recommend. So any comments on the clear covers, and recommendations for DC area (Northern Virginia) would be appreciated and welcomed Cheers, Mike
  9. Steve et al, Well, I broke down and ordered a starter kit; hope to get it later this coming week and am anxious to see how it compares to my current Klasse/Pinnacle wax system .... I'll keep all informed, and try to attach some photos of my 2006 Pearl Black IS 250....DC winter has not been so bad so far, but cold...... Mike
  10. Just wondering if anyone else has used these products and can comment on them (Steve?)....am interested in trying them, but would appreciate some feedback. ...it looks promising, and am currently using the Klasse approach, but always looking for something better. Thank. Mike
  11. I have the exact same problem; but it looks like the 'haze' is on the backside/inside of this plastic part. Thus, although I have not tried to polish the piece yet, it looks like it would have to be removed and polished from both sides..... ..like you, waiting to hear if anyone else has thoughts or ideas. Mike
  12. Thank you everyone for the reply and suggestions. I agree, I'm not flying off the handle about it, but I have expressed my suprise at such an occurance for a presumed luxery brand... ...still trying to decide whether or not to repair.... Mike
  13. Dropped off my 6-month old IS 250 AWD for its 5000 mile service, and after 2 hours at the dealer, was horrified to find two prominant puncture-like door dings right next to the driver door handle!!!!! (this, of course, after I had spent all weekend washing off the winter salt& sand and waxing my car....) Well, the dealership acknowledged the problem, and had a 'dent-guy' right there, so after about an hour, he was able to 'pop' them back out, and overall, its looks almost back to normal; problem is, one of the dings caused chipping of the paint......so the dealer is offering to 'wet sand' (?) to fix the problem, which will require the car to go to the body shop overnight, etc... My question to the group is, 'is this worth it?' At this point, the door contour is almost perfect, and the paint chip is TINY; so why don't I just put a drop of touch-up paint on it and call it a day? I'm just VERY nervous about leaving my car with the dealership overnight, and possible problems and things that can go wrong with this minor body work....(of course, I could kick myself for not getting a picture of it with my cell phone...) Any thoughts or insites appreciated.... Thanks! Mike
  14. Thanks guys; guess I'll tone it down a bit with the 'triple' cleaning until spring... Mike
  15. Steve and Everyone in the Mid-Atlantic (where salt & sand reign supreme Jan-Mar), Ok, so I'm sick and tired of my BLACK 2005 IS appearing gray-brown for the last 2-3 weeks, due to all of the salt and sand on the roads here in the DC area..... ....so, my strategy is: - 'Touch-less car wash' at one of those gas-station car washes; this, rather than the pay-to-scrub self washes, due to the below freezing temperatures (yeah, I know Steve, got to 50 today!).... - take car home, treat with Optima No Rinse, followed by... - Poor Boy's Spray and Wipe - Followed by Sonus/Klasses Acrylic spray.... My rationalization for the two-step no-rinse is that: - the ONR works great after the 'touch-less' car wash misses (and there is no substiture for rag-on-car for getting the dirt off) the deeper and courser dirt and debris. - the Poor Boys gets out any last fine dirt/debris & streaks, and seems to have a little moisturizer that adds to the finish (seems to add a small shine to the car...) and then add a final coat of moisterizer and protectant with the acrylic spray..... So, don't know how flawed my approach is, but would appreciate feedback, comments and suggestions to preserve a black finish in a harsh, salt & sand ladent winter enviroment.... ...of course, I'm planning on a long spring cleaning of the finish, including clay, deep cleaning (preceaded by the purchase of a Cable Porter!), etc.... Mike