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  1. I have done the same exercise this week. If you pick one from the existing inventory, ask for $37,727; $700 above invoice of 37,027! I bet you they will counter with 1,700 above invoice and you will get a deal at 1,200 above! roughly 38,300. Make sure you pay cash or/else negotiate the lease seperately. Best anwers come from Lexus Santa monica, Lexus Beverly Hills, Lexus Glendale. Good luck. If Bev.Hills ask for Harris. He is straightforward.
  2. Still looking for a good deal, call Jim Falk Lexus Beverly Hills. Their availability is great. I heard they ship to other parts of the country, and it ends up being still cheaper than buying it from an East Coast monopoly type dealership! Ask for the person we bought our RX 330 Perf NAV from: Harris. He is straightforward and smart. We had the best price in whole CA (and believe me I did the homework) and fast service. CA prices are lower than nationwide to stast with. Negotiate hard. Good luck.
  3. The 43,563 Perf NAV package is offered for 3,500 below MSRP. The going rate is SoCal for an Aug car can be as low as $900 above invoice if you are a hard bargainer, and $1,500 above invoice no sweat. If you pick sth on the lot from the Bamboo or Savannah colors, they will let them go fast. New cars are flooding in early September. Don't take dealers "these things sell like hotcakes" seriously. Make sure you take a drive through the remote lot where the dealership keeps their stock. The lots are full of them!
  5. Just got an offer from a dealer for a FWD Prem Plus w/ NAV only, MSRP 41,763. They are quoting $39,800, about $3,000 below. Another dealer quoted $39,000. A third dealer quoted $39,500. It seems a $3,000 below for a $42k car is to be had with no sweat. The Prem Plus $39.4k FWD offers were $36,975 and $37,024 ($2,000 above invoice).
  6. My advice would be this: Call the number at, and negotiate to get the best deal. If you agree to pick one color combination up from the lot, I bet you get to the $36.5 quickly. They are hyping the availability issue. The ship from Japan just loaded thousands of cars a wk ago.
  7. In Southern Cal, I have seen the following recent pricing. I am still holding off to see improvements (as of Aug 11th) - the fully loaded FWD $45k car is 3,000 off MSRP Prem Plus FWD $2,500 off MSRP Prem Plus with NAV only FWD is 2,763 off with no sweat, i.e. 39K instead of 41.7k. Any other updates appreciated.
  8. UPDATE: The $41.7 Prem Plus NAV only package can be had for $39k as of Aug 11th.
  9. is connected to the Beverly Hills Lexus dealership, and their former internet sales manager by the name Deris. Deris says he can get Fleet pricing from Bevery Hills or other nearby locations. You use him as the middle man, but buy your car directly from the dealership, so I don't think there is a lemon problem. He has access to inventory information on what comes into the Long Beach port (the main distribution into Western US). CA prices are better than NY. Prem PLus RX 330 goes for $36.5K!
  10. I am looking to buy an RX 330 Prem Plus NAV, MSRP 41,763. The new ship from Japan has brought hundreds. On top of that they claim to run a summer sale. I am indifferent to colors. My recent intelligence showed best prices as follows: $3300 off from the fully loaded $45+k version $2500 off from Prem Plus only $39.7k version Any other Southern Cal pricing updates, stories, recommendations appreciated. Thanks.
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