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  1. I tried your theory, they wont fit, several ebay seller gives them up for 300.00 , they will only fit the rx350,rx300,tacoma and highlander.
  2. I have a 2000 ls400.I need the brake booster and master cylinder,can you provide???? thanks
  3. I own a 1998 Lx upgraded to 2007 with 18inch wheels and lights, for more than a year I have being bleeding the brake sysytem since my brake brake pedal will go low from time to times. The problem is that the first push is low but if you press the brake again it iwll go back to normal level. I have replaced the following: 1- entire master brake system. 2- caliper seals 3- brake rotor( crossdrilled) 4-bleed the system several times using 3 methods scan tool owners repair manual 5 steps gravity bleeding. right after each bleeding the brakes will go back to normal level in the first press, but after a few weeks it iwll go low, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have always used Michlins, but the Falkens are the best buys, I put on my 17inch lexus gs300 2006 wheels with 225/50/17 falken ziex 912 to my 2002 sc430, and the ride improvement is incredible!!!!! not to mention that these wheels looks far much better than the alien plate 18 inches. try the falkens, they are only $120 per tire
  5. I have my Sc430 2002 from day one, recently, im getting a strange vacuum (Hissing) sound while driving , it come sfrom underneath of the steering wheels, specially when braking, any suggestions???????????????
  6. I have a 2002 and have the same problem, The tach of all lexus are Elctroluminecent, but my is dim, but all the radio and A/c controls are bright, Im considering a used tach and maybe this will fix the problem.