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  1. If you have the full size spare tire, make sure it was not damaged. It also has a sensor that can trigger the warning light. John
  2. I remember seeing threads about low air pressure in the spare causing the tire pressure warning light to turn on. The 2008 Owners manual describes this in section 5-2 Steps to take in an Emergency. The TPMS is one of my few disappointments with our 2008 ES. The system does not display tire location and pressure even though it has the information. My other 2 vehicles (Corvette & Silverado) both display tire pressure and location. John
  3. If the AFS button is set to turn it off, there will be a warning displayed on the instrument panel. I tried using the button on my wife's ES350 because I didn't think hers were working either. I don't drive her car at night very much, if the AFS is working it is not obvious to me. I read in some document that they turn more to the right than they do to the left, but I don't remember where I read that. John
  4. What about when the tires are rotated? Does the sensor then sense the distance from the sensor to the tire to decide which tire is low? How about the spare which is usually between the two rear tires? It would seem that the sensor would have to be able to sense radio waves within a couple of inches if the sending unit is inside the tire. Yes, I agree. I have a Corvette and a Silverado (my cars) in addition to my wife's Lexus and they both read out the pressure by location. I complained about this on our first service visit and I was told that only the LS series does this. The receiver f
  5. I installed one in my wife's 08 about a year ago. You can place the iPod anywhere the cable will reach. I don't remember if it is long enough to reach the center of the console. Installing one is not a 15 minute job. It took me several hours as some of the console parts must be removed as well as trim on the dash so that the radio can be removed.
  6. I agree, the one in my wife's ES350 does the same. The battery is never dead. John
  7. If you cannot obtain the Lexus bracket try searching the Web for Skene Front License Plate Bracket. They offer one for about the same price that does NOT require holes in the front of the bumper. A photo of one mounted on my wife's 2008 is attached. I have no affiliation with Skene, just a satisfied customer. John
  8. The following is an extract from the 2008 ES350 Electronic Repair Manual - Air Conditioning System Description Automatic Recirculation Control Automatically changes the air inlet mode to fresh air or recirculation air mode in accordance with the level of harmful elements in the outside air, the cabin temperature, and the ambient temperature. This is in line with the information provided by AZ08LexusES. Note that the switch is also dependent on the difference between cabin and ambient temperature. John
  9. I agree! The Lexus Web site still lists the Ultra-Luxury Package as a 2009 ES350 "Build your Lexus" option and in includes the Panorama glass roof. John
  10. If you are speaking of the two dimples near the center of the bumper, all ES350's have them. They are used as locating points for the front license plate bracket (that is where the two screws go). John
  11. That is a cool feature, I never knew it was there. I did a search of the Owner's Manual and it is described on page 59 but I never noticed it. Thanks for these tips. Maybe they should be FAQ that is a "pinned". John
  12. I can't help with the NAV, I don't have one. I have an in dash NAV in my Corvette and I vowed to never get another one. The only saving grace of the Corvette NAV is the superb integration with the Heads Up Display (HUD), you never have to look at the NAV once you set your destination. I also like my Garmin and it is a lot cheaper to update. John
  13. You don't have to break the "snaps" to get them off. If you look closely at the top of the "snap" you will notice the center pin is separate from the body. Use a small screwdriver or knife blade to pry up the center pin and pull it up about 1/4", this releases the three fingers on the body and the entire "snap" can be removed. When putting it back in, be careful not to break off any of the fingers and push the body down all the way. Once the body is seated, push the pin all the way down and this locks it in place. What problem are you having with the NAV? I don't have the NAV, but I assu
  14. I would do more research on the Internet, it is possible that your dealer was looking out for you (hard to believe!). XM and Sirius use different satellites. I remember when the merger was first announced there was talk about new receivers being designed with the ability to receive both XM and Sirius signals. I don't know it that ever happened or not, worth checking. John
  15. Thanks for the information. I have given up on hard copy Toyota/Lexus manuals as they are far too expensive. I purchased a one month subscription for Toyota Technical Information Services (TIS) and I was able to download the information I thought I might require. I also found an electronic service manual on Ebay for about $30 and purchased that as well. I like the ability to browse and search the manuals on my computer and only print out the pages I require. John
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