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  1. Thanks Stan, I appreciate your input and I will do the same, and see if it changes at all. It's a common noise issue with the 3.5 when it's cold. The EXACT same thing happens to my RX350 when it's cold as well as other people's ES350. It does go away when the engine is warm.
  2. JC! Yo man. I just got my double din faceplate from autonetperformance aka your contact. Another quick question for you if you don't mind. Looking at the plate in the middle I see it is removable. Was there any cutting on the new faceplate? Or does the Z1 fit right in? The opening of the new faceplate looks a little bigger than a dual din opening. Am I just seeing things?
  3. JC, I was referring to the Toyota Harrier/RX330-350 faceplate adapter.
  4. hey JC, I got a question. I received a call from this place called autonetperformance saying that he has this part in stock now. However it looks like a single DIN. Was there a "Specific" version to the double din? Or does the adaptor just have another trim that locks in place to make it a double DIN?
  5. Thanks juscruizin on your comment on my ID. The ID has stayed with me since my old Quake III Arena Clan days. hehe. Do you happen to have that part # and or website that I can checkout for the wiringharness?
  6. justcruzin, You are the man. Thank you. I also wanted to pick your brain on where and if there are any stereo harnesses that exist that will interface with the existing amplifier. I noticed u said they cut your harness before you got a chance to get them a adaptor. Also I would like to know how much it cost you for the interface for the steering wheel controls and how hard was it to setup? Thanks!
  7. justcruzin, Okay I have looked everywhere but to no avail. Do you have a source where I can pick up the double DIN faceplate you have in your rx?
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