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  1. Here's a couple of videos of the Apple TV in action. Not finished yet, still need to install a web browser and Boxee for better streaming video support. Booting: In action showing song search function:
  2. Thanks for all the compliments, much appreciated. Looks like this Friday I'll be installing an AVIC-Z110BT to replace the Eclipse unit, I'll post a few more pics then.
  3. After a loooong search for a newer SC400 I finally found a 1999 Silver on Black with 60k miles. The first thing I did right off the bat was replace the factory rims with chrome 17" GS350 wheels. Next it was time for an upgrade of the audio system. The equipment to be installed. I chose the AVN5510 as my source unit for it's excellent sound quality and 5 volt preouts. I chose the Alpine MRP-F300 and MRP-M500 amplifiers for their size as they are mounted under the parcel shelf. For speakers I upgraded the factory 4" speakers to Infinty Kappa 6.5" components up front and Kappa 6.5" speaker
  4. Scotty6486


    Results of modifications to my 1999 SC400.
  5. Haven't put one on my IS350 yet but I have a Camry Hybrid which uses the same smart key system and it was surprisingly easy, I used the DEI XK05 module for the key bypass (haven't checked to see about IS compatibility) and pressing on the brake still shuts the vehicle off, plus the steering wheel lock is still on during remote start operation so it is completely secure. Also it should be noted as long as the remote start is properly installed it voids no manufacturer warranty. It may be a little more expensive to do a vehicle with a smart key, but it is very possible. Look at the Python 872p (
  6. It's pretty shallow, like maybe 3" total. The gas tank is immediately below the sub and limits what can be put in that space, plus the sub is free-air so most aftermarket subs won't work or just won't sound very good. On an old LS400 I had I just opened up the space for air to pass through and purchased an enclosure that fit nicely in the corner of the trunk without taking up too much space.
  7. Yeah, for some reason the Lexus Corporate thought the dealer would help me with the purchase of another vehicle, which I didn't understand. They let me know today they are replacing the ECU again as well as some MUX controller. They said they had a Lexus engineer come in from Chicago and I guess that's what he determined was wrong with it. It's supposed to be completely done this Wednesday. Finally!! Looking back on it was a bit odd that it had only been leased for a total of 8 months, however I was told that it was normal for a corporate lease to be short. Not sure about the whole accident t
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