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  1. Hello all,Today we were cruising along in 90 degree heat. The air conditioning was cooling us nicely as she always does. Then, suddenly, we lost all power to the AC system. The fan shut down and there was no power to the AC control panel. The first thought through my mind is that it is a simple fuse that has blown.Well we get home and I pull the two fuses that are showing to affect AC:1. 10A fuse labeled as HTR2. 10A fuse labeled as DOMEBoth were fine. Not blown.I then start wondering if the relay that is labeled as HTR, located in the engine compartment fuse block might be the issue. How woul
  2. Upon further observation I note that the speedo needle is NOT erratic. It seems to move up and down logically with speed. It simply has a range of up to 20mph with my normal driving. With 20MPH being what is showing when I am at Interstate Speeds.
  3. fhb5032, thanks for that. I appreciate it. The needle seems to stay around 20 mph and varies at times from zero to about 35. Looking at its behavior it looks like there is a bad sensor somewhere in the system. If you could, find out where that speedo sensor is and if they have testing specs that the sensor should show if I put an ohm meter to it. Regards, Walt
  4. Can anyone offer some insight on this part of the issue???? "2. The speedometer is inop. It waivers around at 20 mph. I am wondering if this is a computer issue or if there is a physical connection that is faulty."
  5. Hello all, I would like to know a plan of action for the following issues: 1. All four needles are no longer viewable. I assume this is due to some sort of flouresent paint on these needles and aging. 2. The speedometer is inop. It waivers around at 20 mph. I am wondering if this is a computer issue or if there is a physical connection that is faulty. Thanks in advance, Walt
  6. Once we have the code, where can we look it up to know what the fix is?
  7. Well it is possible that these items are made to such high standards that they are glanced over in the offical maintenance schedule. I mean I am happily surprised to see how long iridium plugs perform at top scale. Still in all though, something is causing the vibration. I may take it to the local Toyota dealer and see what kind of opinion I get from them. Better yet, since the work is still under its 12 mo / 12000 mile warranty, I am going to call Lexus National. Since Lexus of Greenville deflected this matter I will take it to a higher level.
  8. Done, thank you very much. Lots of good info there. What I am in complete disbelief about is the fact that I do not see replacement of rotors, dist caps or plug wires called for in scheduled maintenance. When my SC came out of 90K service running with a slightly excessive vibration, I called it to the attention of my service advisor. He stated those items are not included. And that the vibration seemed normal to him. Are these ignition parts truly life long for the car? Or do some of you recommend I have them replaced anyway. I also wonder if the vibration is truly normal for this car? I hav
  9. Its pretty self explanatory. I need a list of what services are done in the 90K service on the 1993 Lexus sc400.
  10. Can someone please post a list of what is called for in the Lexus service manuals. I think I am getting BSed by my service writer. The car comes back with an idle vibration as if it is out of tune. I bring it back and he tells me that plug wires, dist cap and rotors are not included. I smell BS.
  11. Forget leasing and purchasing new. Go to Ebay, and bid on a good used one. That is what I did and I am as pleased as punch with my SC400
  12. Hi there, My 93 model has 95000 miles and right now, as we speak she is in the dealers shop for the 90K check. I have to tell you, this thing sounds very thorough as it takes about two days to complete. Maybe more for me as I have some defered repairs being done as well. At this dealership the 90K major maintence is priced at 1250 without the water pump. They add another couple of hundred for that. One downer is that anything you need done is pretty damned expensive on parts. Water pump is 685 Steering pump is 805 Right window track is over a thousand. Lexus really hoses you on this stu
  13. Just curious, Why are you parting it out? If its a perfectly good car, why dont you just sell the whole thing?
  14. Hello All, I have had my car for 3 years now and I am finally going to start having the dealer assist with some maintenance items. Id like to know if anyone has had good or bad experiences with the Lexus guys in Greenville, South Carolina. Thank you in advance, Walt
  15. Actually my BIGGEST problem is finding a shop that I want to trust. The local Toyota specialist charges almost as much as the dealership for labor. And no loaner car or free wash.
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