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  1. Either your piston isn't all the way compressed or your slide pins are not pushed in when you bring caliper over pads.
  2. After sitting 24 hours outside at 20 degrees--------------no noise at start up. Low Oil pressure light extinguished immediately Go figure Car wont be used for 3 days. I'll post up on next start.
  3. Thanks Steve, I understand the logic of the filters but I bought a dozen "full" brand Japenese OEM filters about 2 years ago. I've been using them without any issues to date. After I initially heard the knock I changed the oil and filter thinking maybe the anti-drain back feature had failed. Unfortunately a few days later, knock was present again after lengthy sit with cold start. My parents have actually owned vehicle (I was original owner and still maintain) for past 3 years. I happened to start it a few weeks ago when temp had dropped and car was idle for a few days. KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK Pa
  4. Castrol GTX 5W-30 it's whole life. Toyota extended the warranty on the 2003 V6's?. I thought it was earlier years. This noise almost seems to be piston slap. What's odd is that I would think a piston slap issue would be there since day 1.
  5. Yeah, after it sits for more than a couple of days it knocks when cold and then stops. If it sits for say 12 hours no noise on cold start. Sludge issue? Oil changed every 3,000 so I sure hope not.
  6. 2003 Lexus ES300, 60,000 miles, oil changed religiously, OEM filters. Started car after it had been sitting for 3 days and heard terrible knocking sound. After a few moments it silenced. Oil level is fine. Car ran normally and I didn't hear it again. Now 2 weeks later car was again not started for a few days and sure enough knocking sound at start up.. Has anyone else experienced this? Its like oil starvation somewhere. C'mon SteveJ Help me out;-)
  7. Thanks George Jetson! Oh, and that wasn't the question Camlex but I sure do appreciate your technical expertise. I think I'll torque it to 36ft lbs and refill with transmission fluid instead of oil though.
  8. Anyone know the torque for the drain plug on the transmission pan? Thanks
  9. Has anyone been able to change these without removing the Intake Plenum? Thanks!
  10. I came loaded with my TSB's in hand (which my service advisor claimed to have not heard of) and the end result is positive. * A new intermediate steering shaft is on order (the Tech claimed everything felt normal...yeah right) *A new converter is on order for the sulfur smell (At first they tried to tell me to switch gas or even go to Premium fuel...I don't think so.) If anyone is interested in the new converter results let me know. Parts will be in early next week. PS. In my case having info on the TSB's was the clincher. Fluguy: Consider yourself lucky to have a dealer that isn't afra
  11. Go to all data and look it up.. ← Gee Thanks mburnikas! I went to Toyota's website and printed up all TSB's . F*&k Alldata!
  12. Would you happen to know the TSB? Im taking mine to the dealer tomorrow. Thanks
  13. Hey SW03ES, Could you give me more information about your steering shaft that was replaced. Actual P/N's etc. The dealer tightened the steering U-joint and it seemed to help but I still have a slight steering clunk or pop when leaving a stop and turning to the right at slow speeds. It's very hard to diagnose since it happens sporatically. Thanks for your help Concord
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