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  1. Need to know what pin on the LS400 climate control unit provides ground for high speed blower speed. I've heard that it's #20 and that it's green/orange in color, but I don't see that exact color and I don't know where #20 would be. Specific help appreciated. The plugs look like this and it would be the larger one on the left:
  2. Hi, may I ask where you got the replacement used radio for your LS400?  I checked out the Pull A Part site but it's 100 miles from me.  Just wondered what junk yard you sourced the radio from, btw who do you use for repair on your LS?  Thanks.

  3. I listen to AM very rarely, I only mentioned that symptom in case it would be part of some multiple failure scenario with which someone here would be familiar. This is a 1994 model radio so don't think it would receive DAB, anyway that's not the issue. Thanks for your input.
  4. My original Pioneer radio has developed several issues over a period of about 6 months or so...AM section is not working, only get a low level hiss, not static, at high volume setting and does not detect and lock in on a station, just keeps on scanning. The radio plays fine on both FM settings but will not even try to switch, by push buttons, to either the cassette or CD modes, just stays on FM. The antenna stays up too. I checked for loose antenna wire for AM and the connectors on the back of the radio. Any idea if these might be related to a single problem?
  5. Anybody here that can tell me EXACTLY where I can locate the blower resistor for the blower motor? Not referring to the transistor on the large heatsink, but the resistor which is used to control fan speed. The vehicle is a '94 Lexus LS400. I just cannot find it. Please don't respond unless you know where it is and can direct me to it. A picture would be a blessing. All help appreciated.
  6. Have tried 2 resistor modules w/transistor and no change. I'd be happy just to have it on medium speed. Can anyone tell me simply how to straightwire this so that it always blows on medium when turned on, without having to remove too many parts?
  7. Trade off in their favor. I hate to ask what all is involved in getting the dash out! I may just glue the sucker in place in a good blowing angle and only have up and down louvre possible to adjust. Not a happy camper...
  8. The front louvre that adjust up/down and left/right can be unclipped but the open /close in the rear portion of the control I believe is screwed in from the rear portion of the dash. I tried carefully to unpry any clips all around the cover and could detect none, it was very tightly secured. It really bugs me that they designed such a part not to be accessible/replacable from the front. Really idiotic engineering, but if I'm mistaken I'll be happy to apologize to the designers.
  9. I have a 94 LS400 that I dearly love. Somehow both my adjustable l & r side air vents that supply air to passenger and driver have been damaged. I suspect my grandkids might have done this unknowingly by either pushing or kicking them. Hard to imagine this just happened. It looks like a bear to fix but I have purchased some good used air louvres from Ebay. Am I going to have to remove the entire dash to install them? If so, any instructions on how to do this as simply as possible.
  10. Anything is possible and with hundreds of connections I suppose...where to start? Nothing changes on the radio when I try to switch from FM to CD, the radio continues to play, antenna does not retract...
  11. Both CD and FM worked up until recently, now when I push the 'CD Comp' button on the radio, it doesn't switch from FM to CD functions. Also the antenna doesn't retract as before. Any ideas for troubleshooting?
  12. How much did you pay for your ECU, source?
  13. Excuse the butt-in...I am trying to read the computer trouble code on my 94 LS400. Can I short two pins, and if so what is the correct procedure?
  14. Help! I was driving about 45 mph, heard a distinct single 'clunking' sound from engine compartment, accompanied by auto transmission staying in high gear. A/C was intermittent and then gone (air blowing, but warm), shifted into manual mode and shifted fine. Check engine light came on all at same time. No other indicators. I tried to retreive code(s) by shorting E1 to TE1 on reader plug, but got no flashes at all. Local Advance Auto Parts had no connector (oval) for this one. Advise please!
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