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  1. I just remove torque converter from my 93 es300 to change seal on the oil pump and find out that have one seal on front of forward drum driver that go into torque converter. The seal look like O-ring but I am not sure since it already changes the pattern. I check FSM and website that I cannot find any information of this seal. Did it have O-ring or seal (around half inch diameter seal) on front of forward drum driver gear that will stick into torque converter? Did anyone know what is part number for that seal? Please help before I put transmission back. Thanks Again
  2. This is my first time install an aftermarket headunit. I alrady purchase the PAC SOEM-4 Adapter and Metra 70-8112 Radio Wiring Harness. I just want to make sure it before I do it. I need connect the headunit power, Ground, and ANTENNAE to Metra 70-8112 Radio Wiring Harness; I also need connect the headunit speaker signal to input of PAC SOEM-4 Adapter then connect output of PAC SOEM-4 Adapter to Metra 70-8112 Radio Wiring Harness in order can use Factory Amp. without bypass factory Amp. and cut any wire? The Metra 70-8112 Radio Wiring Harness will connect to factory plug in order get the factory system work with aftermarket headunit right. Please inform me above process is right. Thanks David
  3. Thanks help. I purchase a lot of staff from Rock Auto too, they have very good service. I know the installation and removeal are the real pain. So, I want to find good quality Remanufactured Complete Steering Rack And Pinion then let someone install it for me.
  4. How about quality of Steering Rack and Pinion that sell at autozone and Advance Auto Parts since they sell around 220.00 (after use 20% off code and with tax) with Limited Lifetime Warranty after return the core? The price almost same as the Rockauto A-1 CARDONE 146.79 + 51.00 shipping + 51.00 return core shipping = 248.79 with 3 yrs Warranty.
  5. My 93 ES300 Steering Rack and Pinion was leaking. I saw some people sell it on ebay but the quality is unknow. Did anyone purchase Remanufactured Complete Steering Rack and Pinion for 93~95 es300 before? Did anyone know which Remanufactured is good and cheap? Please advice. Thanks David
  6. I only have one car. I need change the rear bearing since it was broke. I need to find out what size of nut on the 93 es300 rear bearing hub assembly before replace the rear wheel bearing. I am afraid I do not have right tool to take it out after I disassembly it. Did anyone know what size of nut on the 93 es300 rear bearing hub assembly? Thanks for help David
  7. My 93 ES300 can not start without add gas that also no idling after start. I need keep add little gas to keep idling and can drive it as normal expect no idling. The car will have high idling or regular idling after long drive in some time, but that will keep around 10~20 mins then come back original problem. I already change IAC Valve, EGR and check vacuum hoses. Please advice what part I also need check since the problem still not solve, Did that will be spark plug, spark plug wire, rotor or fuel filiter problem? Please help.
  8. Did anyone know what kind of material O-Ring (neoprene, silicon, viton, teflon etc) for all Accumulator Piston (C1, C2, B2, and B0) that locate between the Valve Body and transmission on 93 es300? What kind of material Second brack apply gasket (Intermediate clutch feed pipe gasket) that local bottom of trasmission after remove the valve body on A540E transmission? I can not find any information on website and no one sell it. Thanks David
  9. I do have FSM, but it did not clear to show need remove bottom frame or not.
  10. Did someone change their ES300 steering gear housing before please give me some advice? How to change the steering gear housing will be easy? Did I need remove bottom mounting frame in order to get steering gear housing out or I can pull it out from tire that location without remove the bottom mounting frame? Thanks David :cries:
  11. I check 92 es300 that come out code 55 (KS Signal). Did someone know what is KS Signal? How to fix it? Thanks David Hsieh
  12. My 93 ES300 has been overheating the last one month. It has almost 120K on it. No leaks. Did full engine coolant flush, thermostat & 2 rad cap replacement, But forgot plug the connector of cooling temp sensor back to cooling temp sensor and driver around 5 miles and plug back. Then come out more problems. The A/C system not working anymore, so I check the MAGNETIC CLUTCH by Connect the positive (+) lead from the battery to the terminal on the magnetic clutch connector and the negative (–) lead to the body ground. I find compressor will work a few seconds then stop. When I start car and push A/C button and compressor will working but Freon did not pass through compressor so come out worm air. The A/C system already changes to 134a and EXPANSION VALVE also change too on June 2004. The A/C diagnostic code is 00. Then Airbag light is come out after do magnetic clutch test. I check airbag code that show 22. The overheat problem did not solve and come out two more problem. The overheat problem – I also check hydraulic fan by short OP1 & E1 in the diagnostics port and it run fast. I check the condition of solenoid and cooling temp sensor by unplugs the connector at the cooling system ECU. The Cooling temp sensor is ok. The resistance of solenoid is 8.8 ohms at 88 degree F. I know that should be 7.6 to 8 ohm at 77 degrees F, but the temp around 83 – 95 degree F in south. Did someone know what is wrong on A/C System, Airbag? Did my solenoid is bad so come out overheat? Please help me. :cries: :cries: :cries: