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  1. if you got a 97-01 then you will be building your own (like i did) or getting someone else to build it for you!!!! Have fun!
  2. has some nice kits i forgot the wise sports kit but i'm sure hoebag has got the answer
  3. I will sell my es300 yr. 2000 cd changer much cheaper than $327. I can also send pics and everything. The only reason i'm selling it is because i installed a new cd player which isn't compliant with the existing cd changer. My email is Ben
  4. I have a 2000 cd changer that i am selling. I took it out because i put in a new stereo. I am willing to sell for a decent price. Ben
  5. I just took my cd changer out and it isn't being used. I have a 2000 es300. If you would like to purchase it let me know. I can send you pictures. Ben aim:sk8er251cc
  6. 3 tones? That might be cool, but i would first try to find a pic. What kind of kit are you getting. Please give links on all the different types. Ben
  7. I checked my car tag and it says I have 15's. I have the platinum edition and they are different from the standard lexus 15's. Here's a pic i cropped of my car with the enkie 1/5s's.
  8. Hey they are some really nice body kits for es 300's, but they are expensive. Go here I think I will get one for my es eventually.
  9. I heard that 18" wheels were as big as you can go on my 2000 es300, but I could be wrong. If ou know otherwise please let me know. Ben
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