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  1. SO HOW MANNY PEOPLE DO U HAVE ? AND DO U HAVE A PLAN FOR DRIVING SOMEWHERE from that point ???? lets get a meet started
  2. hi this is for a nyc meet NYC 07 this summer if u are intrested please get back to me please name and number so u can be contacted for the meet thx bye
  3. Yokohamas new AVID V4 are the best in the rain snow and dry weather i have them on my lex gs40 its great
  4. Lets do a winter meet during the winter IN NYC !!! at night night with all the HIDS running ltes try to get aleast 20+lexus for run in the City
  5. i left a voice message on your cell. i have a working mint condition gs400 nakamichi glovebos cd includes the nakamichi digital equalizer. ← please call me again if you still have the cd changer thanx
  6. please contact me i am want to buy i am located in nyc call cell 9178538731 thanks Nyc_kid
  7. HI all How about we get a Lexus Nyc >NJ>CT>PA>MEET WIth a drive up to raise money for the troops and their family's. get back to me. Nyc_kid
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