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  1. hey buddy, now happy are you with the 250 as far as power. i have not been able to drive a manual and i have one on order but i am contemplating buying a used 350 to make sure i am happy with power. is your manual. are you happy. thanks buddy The power is ok and i have a auto, i really dont think the diff. between the 250 and 350 is that great. im just waiting for all the aftermarket parts to come out. i think that there will be more parts for the 250 then the 350 b/c the 250c comes in stick so thats what all the performance parts are going to be for. p.s. when a turbo comes out its im all over it :D
  2. i just had my 250 tinted about 4 days ago and i love it. i got 15% all around. i would post pics but dont know how? can some one tell me how?
  3. thats just wrong to say (HYD) :chairshot: , i have tvs and high end stuff and because of some people i need to have dark tint so no one sees the things inside and is tempted to steal them. it happend to many times. Also its just a show truck and only goes to shows. I dont drive it anywhere else thats why i had to buy another car and when i drive to the shows the windows are down (wind visors the best invention to keep the rain out) i didnt say im going to get 5% anyway and its illegal only because some people use the dark tint for the wrong reasons. Not because you cant see out of it.
  4. Um, just curious.... What's wrong with the BMW's service? The first 4 years are free. not the service, i mean the service in the dealer. when i went there no one helped me and i was there for a half an hour.
  5. Hi, has anyone found stock is250 rims with a lip? I have the 18'' rims with summer tires and would like to swap out the back rims for ones with some sort of lip maybe 1inch, i love the look that the bmw have with this look :D . But of course i love my car and the bmw had no chance of taking me as a buyer with the sexy new IS out. Plus the service at BMW is the worst i have ever seen. If anyones in South Florida and looking for a Lexus I think JM Lexus is the best dealer i've ever been to.
  6. Im looking for a good hid kit for the is250. I have a ford Excursion (aka: the beast) and some time back i bought a hid conversion kit and the wires fryed. I dont want this to happen to my 250. Also has anyone found a good bulb for the fogs to match the hid kit. Thanks for any help!
  7. i have the same problem but i have a 250
  8. im getting my car tinted soon and im going dark, i have an excursion with 5% in the front and 2% in the back, you get use to it after a while and once you do you cant go back :D
  9. looks great... im going this sat-day for tint i know this guy, he did my excursion for a good price and did a great job also he offers life time warr. on tint. im going to get the darkest tint i can find, it adds to the sleek stealth look im going for (black on black on black on black).