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  1. I just replaced the filter on my 2014 ES300h (20,000 miles). Easy to do, and the original paper filter was pretty dirty. I got replacement from Rock Auto. They have about 10 different brands (including carbon filters) to choose from. Prices range from $7 to $25 for the replacement filter. While I was on their site I got one for each of my vehicles (to save on shipping). My original Tacoma cabin filter was really bad (again only 20,000 miles). Glad I replaced them.
  2. We have had our 2014 ES300h for about 4 months. Coming up to 5,000 miles. So far, we are averaging about 37 mpg. If we are very careful with driving techniques we will occasionally average over 40 for a trip (we have achieved that for both highway and city trips)- but that is the exception. So far, no problems. We like the car and are pleased with performance. Too many bells and whistles for me, but that's the way it seems to be going.