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  1. Hi, I have a lexus rx300 2000 model and the keyless remotes dont lock/unlock the car. a.) the keyless remotes are the original that came with the vehicle b.) The light comes on the remote when the buttons are pressed, also has new batteries so no chance of low signal. c.) The car starts and locks and unlocks with the key manually. None of the buttons Lock/unlock/panic seem to have any effect no matter how close or far from the vehicle. Please help me in getting the remote to work. All help and ideas are greately appreciated. Thanks
  2. it is a small dent at the edge and was planning to DIY.... any help appreciated
  3. Hi, I got a little dent on the front bumper driver side corner. i need to get that dent taken care off.. Does any one have instructions to remove the screws/nuts etc on the front bumper. Thanks
  4. Well, If you are pretty sure that the oxygen sensor went bad. then it is very easy to replace that if u are a DIY guy. Unfortunately i don't have a pics to show the step by step. but can tell how i did it. 1. i removed the driver seat 4 bolts and slid that seat back to have access to the oxygen sensor that is under the carpet off driver seat. 2. remove the 2 nuts that fit the oxygen sensor, located under carriage and in the exhaust pipe under the driver seat side. 3. Pry out the rubber tubing that goes to the driver seat. and not follow the same steps to replace the new Oxygen sensor. It took me 1 1/2 hrs to do it.. If i do it again i probably would get it done in less than 30 mins. pretty easy job... no need to go under the car or lift the car. It is more difficult to replace the Air fuel ratio sensors than oxygen sensor.
  5. I have a 2Wheel drive. and am from Dallas, Texas area. I heard some people used 235 instead off the standard 225.. same price though.. any experiences with that
  6. Hi Guys, Please share all your experiences with tire replacement for Lexus RX300 1. What brand ? 2. Where ? 3. Cost ? 4. Size ? 5. Warranty ? BTW, I am a member with costco and on this forum there are some wired costo policies some people have experienced and are unhappy about it.. Thanks a bunch Laher
  7. Hi guys, My car 2000 Rx300 got broke into last night and stole GPS etc. They broke the front passenger glass and i need to get the replacement glass. Can you all give me the expert advices of where to shop and what company make glass will work with out issues. All help is appreciated very much. I am from the DFW area so any help on the shops that does the work is appreciated as well. Thanks Very much
  8. All, Finally it turned out to be the Oxygen Sensor. the one with the flange. I replaced it and all error codes were gone. I got back the good performance and expected mileage now. Did not have to replace the Air/Fuel ratio sensors at all.
  9. Hi Experts, I started getting the following error codes for my Lexus RX300 2000 2WD P0440 and P0446 Please guide me the possible issues and fix for it. Appreciate the help. Thanks Steve
  10. Thanks all for the responses. I will check it out....
  11. Hi Guys, I noticed the MAS Sensor O ring has some cracks in it. Called Lexus and they said that comes with MAFSensor only. But my MAF Sensor is good and dont have problems. Can you guys let me know where i can purchase just the O Ring. Thanks
  12. I had apply throttle body cleaner liberally on the throttle but I did not open the black cap where the connector is. How do I check that the electronics have not been damaged? Would I need to replace the spark plug since I gap them? Thanks for the help. KBRX330 I have attached the picture of the part I cleaned. Are you referring to that plug on top when you say electronics or the black piece that attaches up front? Thanks. have u resolved the problem ? if so what was the problem or what did u do wrong in cleaning ? this info would be helpful, do's and don'ts, for folks trying to clean the IACV.
  13. Never mind, i figured it out. Fortunately i didnot have to replace those. IT was the Oxygen Sensor that was bad.
  14. Do you guys recommend cleaning the IACV/throttle body though i dont have idle problem ? My rx has 115k miles high mileage and i guess IACV never been cleaned so far.
  15. Any Lexus dealership can take the VIN and put it into their national service history database. That will tell you all the maintenance that they, or any other dealership, has done to the car. It's pretty unusual to find records like timing belt replacements in CarFax reports. Many car dealerships now require you to show proof of ownership to obtain service records. I guess maybe that's why, but it does not make much sense to me. For that reason, they probably do not provide service records to CarFax. Luckily, the report that the Lexus dealership will give you does not contain any of the current/previous owner's personal information, so they do not require any kind of proof of ownership/ID to get one. You can even just do it over the phone at most places. Well, Carfax would give you any accidents the car got involved. That also if the accident is reported and recorded by the police. Some accidents are never reported and get settled between parties, in those cases that never gets in carfax. It also gives you the number of owners of the vehicle. It is a first level check to make sure it is clean from accidents and then take it to a dealer to perform detailed evaluation on the car before purchase.
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