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  1. :) :)
  2. Don't know where to buy a new one xcept the dealer, but the old one is washable. Remove it carefully and spray it lightly with running water, let dry and reinstall.
  3. Here is the link for TSB's on your Y2K RX 300. I don't know if you have a 2 WD or AWD. These are only the Titles of the TSB's.
  4. Jon, try this link for spark plugs. Their prices are pretty good. Please tell me, since you already pulled a plug out, what brand is currently installed in your engine? thanks
  5. Bought brand new - June, 1999. Responses are posted in the order asked. Current mileage, 28,000+/- . 1. Due to summer heat, didn't notice problem until later in '99. Yes, it does get cool in Miami. 2. Like you, I first noticed the problem when weather started to cool. 3. Once you drive a mile or so, problem disappears. 4. Problem no worse, no better now than when RX was brand new. 5. Dealer has serviced the transmission twice in 28,000 miles w/ fluid changes. One has to assume the dealer uses the Toyota fluid. I didn't expect the fluid changes to change the shifting pattern and it
  6. Jon, click on the link above. I have a '99 RX 300 that shifts hard on cool mornings also and I live in Miami. It's not an uncommon problem. When Consumer reports first tested the RX in late 1998, they experienced the same thing. I don't agree with you that it is underpowered and I tow a 2000 + boat with it sometimes. Maybe underpowered compared to your Dodge truck, but compared to my old Pathfinder w/ 184 HP, it tows with much more power. Everything is relative.
  7. Just an update on this post. I received a flyer from Lexus today (Aug 29, 2003) w/ some "Special Offers". To replace the cabin A/C filter, they want $79.95. [plus tax and shop supplies]. I figure about $92.00 total for something that takes 3 minutes to remove and another 3 minutes to replace. Add a little bit of time to wash the old one of course, but less than 10 minutes at best. You gotta love these Lexus labor and parts rates.
  8. UPDATE on the RX 300 cabin air filter. It's WASHABLE !! After RFQ raised the subject, I decided to look at mine again, even tho I had taken it out a year ago and tapped the dirt off of it. Removed the top black plastic strip from the back of the glove compartment; then about 2-3 inches behind where the strip was is a pull out black plastic panel that just pushes in a opening. Right behind that is a plastic assembly that pulls out like a tray and there is the filter! Mine was pretty dirty, kinda black w/ bits of leaves and twigs on it (less than 30,000 miles). Took it in the backyard and light
  9. If there is any good news on changing the oil in the RX 300, it's actually draining the oil. That's easy. Don't even need to jack the RX up in the air. I decided, since the oil filter is such a pain, to just change it every other oil change. The filter is pretty small and doesn't hold much oil anyway.
  10. Changing the oil filter on a RX 300 is somewhat of a pain. The dealer installed Toyota filter base is slightly undersized to use a standard oil filter wrench. The same fluted oil filter wrench that fits, say a Fram filter, won't fit the Toyota filter. Pep boys has an oil filter wrench made by Lisle that is heavy duty and will fit all these small oil filters. Don't know the Model #, but Lisle makes good stuff. It has a spring in it to let the heavy outside steel clamps adjust to the filter base. You might want to go buy just a Toyota filter at the dealer and take it with you to Pep Boys and mat
  11. It's right behind the Glove Compartment. Open the glove compartment all the way and look at the top rear of it. There is a black "snap off panel" [cheap plastic] about 1-2 inches high and the width of the glove compartment. It snaps off. The filter is then visable. I took mine out a year ago and cleaned it.
  12. This months Consumer Reports tests both of them.
  13. I'm not in WPB, but in S. Miami. My RX came w/ the tow hitch as most did in '99. Not sure of my tongue weight, I think it is about 200 lbs. That drops the rear about an inch or so. Only real problem I had w/ towing was blinding other drivers at nite. Had to have Lexus of WPB adjust the headlites (for free). I'm not sure how much 330 lbs of tongue weight would drop the rear. Also, I have no way of finding that out. sorry. Maybe you can load a couple of teenagers in the far rear to check that out.
  14. I have a '99 RX300 w/ only 29,000 miles. When I asked the Lexus mechanics the same question you just asked on this Forum, they said the most expensive problem that may occur before 100 K is the AC evaporator. Apparently, there is some incompatibility in the metals used, resulting in a leak. I didn't get the specifics. A new evaporator is priced somewhere in the range of $1,200.00 +. This of course does not include the labor, which must a real problem to replace. (under the dash). With this in mind, I bought the first extended warrranty I have ever bought. Not faulting the vehicle tho. It's a
  15. Grkman > Lexus of Palm Beach ? Bought mine from Marylin there. The RX 330s' are pretty new so you may have some problem finding someone who has broken in their RX 330 well enough to tow with. I have an RX 300 and have been towing a Hewes flats boat (about 2,000 lbs w/ boat, engine, and trailer) on many weekends since late 1999 all across S. Floida. No problem. It tows great, plenty of power w/ the RX 300 so you won't have any problems at all with the RX 330. It's kind of nice to tow with an RX, quiet and restful.
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