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  1. The easiest way to answer your question is to remove the bulb from the car and bring it to the store with you to match it. Or just take it out and read on the bulb what it is. Hope this helps. - GM
  2. Thanks, good thread. But it didn't tell me how to turn off the DRL's. Anyone have an idea how I can do this? Why don't you just unplug the bulbs or remove the bulbs? Seems like the easiest way to solve your problem. -GM
  3. Hey, did you ever figure this out? I want to do the same thing but I cannot find the thread after searching the forums. Please let me know if you figure it out. Thanks. - Gianni
  4. Hey, is there a way to turn off the seat belt warning on a 2006 IS 350? Since we don't have an ignition switch, this process won't work. We just have a start button. Let me know if you know of a way... thanks - GM
  5. I have a Palm Treo 650 from Verizon and bluetooth link works fine. - GM
  6. Nothing on a manual transmission, yet? Hasn't Lexus heard enough gripe about only offering an automatic?!!! - GM
  7. Thanks for the input guys. I'm just hoping a tuner will make more "go fast" parts for my car so I can still beat that new BMW 335i.
  8. I think the only factory LED lights are the "reading lights" (front and rear) and the courtesy lights in the footwells and near the center dome light (they create a faint blue/white glow at night. I think the ugly dome light that fades in and out when you open/close the door is an incandescent bulb. I think the door lights (on the driver and passenger doors) are also incandescent bulbs (the red ones near the corner of the door that come on when you open the door). I wanted to get the clear plastic covers (replace the red plastic covers) but I don't know if they are direct fit from the IS 300. Have you heard of any performance mods for the IS 350? - Gianni
  9. Has anyone installed coilover suspension on their IS 250/350? So far I only see Megan Racing Coilovers, Tein Coilovers and JIC Magic FLT-A2 Coilovers. Has anyone installed any of these systems are their car...I'm curious about the ride quality when compared to stock. Can you adjust the dampening to be similar to a stock ride at a much lower ride height. Thanks. - Gianni
  10. Hello all. Other than intake, exhaust and suspension, has anyone found any performance mods for the IS 350? For example, underdrive pulleys or computer chip? The other question I had was on lighting. I have e-mailed Lextasy a million times but their tech support never ever answer my questions. Does anyone know if the interior lighting is the same as the IS 300 (dome light, passenger and driver door lights)? I wanted to change them to LED lights from Lextasy. Just wondering, thanks. - Gianni
  11. Hello all. Has anyone tried to remove the "Lexus" and "IS 350" badges from their car? I like the cleaner look of not having these emblems (easier to wash car and wax it without them in the way, too). The centered Lexus logo is recessed into the trunk so I would not remove that one but when I tried to remove the other two, I found that they had "positioning holes" underneath the emblems, therefore I would need to have them filled in and the trunk repainted...not an option for me. Has anyone else found this on their car? Just wondering...