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  1. Hey SK, It's been awhile I know; however, the issue was the cam sensors. I replace both and that corrected the problem... Now I really love my Lex.... Ciao, Jitters Wow. My condolances on the loss of your dad. My mom passed in June of 2006 and I understand how you feel... Best Regards, Jitters
  2. Hey Mike, I recently had to replace my antenna mast in my SC400. It took approximately 30 minutes as a result of having to remove the entire antenna assembly. I had to remove the cover in order to remove the broken piece of plastic that winds the antenna up and down. Once the broken piece was removed, I reassembled the unit, replaced it back in it's correct location and fed the new antenna mast per instructions that came with the new mast... It was quite simple actually... I purchased the mast off of Ebay for about $20...and it works great. What ever you do, don't buy the entire antenna assembly. I did that and came to find out that it was some sort of univeral POS and I didn't need it. Good luck, Jitters
  3. I agree with dcFish...although the photos provide some detail as to the condition of the car, they cannot provide any information regarding the overall performance of the car... good luck in making a choice :) At least you will still be able to enjoy your other SC's :D Best regards, Jitters
  4. Hey there...I hope you finally got your fog light issue resolved. I had a similar issue when one of my bulbs blew out. I thought at first it was going to be simple to just replace the bulb. But unfortunately, it is not a simple excercise. I first had to jack the car up and then remove these plastic covers located under the fenders in order to gain access to the back of the fog light assembly. Once I did that it was a simple matter of removing the clasps that hold the bulbs in place. I actually went to Pep Boys and bought a new pair. Hyper White I believe. You must definately remember that when replacing the bulbs make sure that they are grounded properly or they will not work. After I replaced the bulbs the one on the passenger side still did not work; however, once I got back under the car I had to make sure the bulb was seated in the socket correctly and that it was grounded. Now it works great.. Hope all is well... Jitters
  5. Jitters

    Little Red Wagon

    1995 Lexus SC400
  6. Good Morning Rob... I'll be interested in finding out what the problem is myself. I used to have the same problem with my 95 SC400 as well. The first time I noticed it was while I was driving to work in the rain. I got to work and someone came in and told me that my alarm was going off. So I went outside to find that the lights on the instrument panel were on as well. This continued to happen maybe 3 or 4 times after that. The irony is that I never found out what was causing this issue. It's been probably just over a year and some months since I've had any problems. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck. I hope you find out what is causing the problem. TK
  7. Hey Jibby, Was there a notible difference in sound when you removed the smaller cats? I'm looking for a certain sound; however, I can't seem to get there with the cats. Last thing I want to do is have any smog related issues by removing any of the exhaust components. Thanks, Todd
  8. Hey Mike, Have you had the alternator checked to see if it's charging the system? If the alternator is charging then you may have a short somewhere. Not a good thing :cries: . Regarding the antenae cable, I'm not sure exactly where it goes but I'm guessing that it's somewhere near the top of the antenae housing in the trunk. I've got to change my antenae mast this week and if you don't get a more definitive answer by then, I'll check back and let you know exactly where it is.... Godd luck, :) Todd
  9. Hey SK, That's what I thought, so I replaced the crank sensor and I'm still having the same issue. My next theory leads me to the igniters. Unfortunately, they are a tad bit on the pricey side but I can't really see it being anything else. And I would hate to have to spend five or six hundred dollars and still not have the problem resolved. Thanks again for the feedback and I'll let you know if I am succesful. Ciao, Todd I do have one other question though. When I replaced the timing belt, I noticed what looked to be like mabe cam position sensors. There was one on each side...I do recall one of the wires on the left side getting pulled out and I replaced it as best I could. Do you think that may be the culprit? Todd
  10. Several months ago I was driving along and my car started to miss pretty bad. The check engine light would come on intermitently as well. I took it to a local repair shop and he performed a diagnostic check and informed me that the check engine light was on due to a code #13 fault in the ecm. Subsequently, his recommendation was to perform a tuneup on the car and I agreed. When I picked up the car it was running smooth, so I thought all would be well. Unfortunately, several days passed and while driving on the highway I noticed that the car was missing just slightly and only for a few seconds. I also noticed that when the car started to miss, the check engine light would come on as well; however, after a few minutes the light would go out. I took it back to the repair shop and had the techician run a new diagnostic check and low and behold, the same error code (#13 RPM Circuit shorted or open ) or something to that effect was present again. At this point the techician stated that it could possibly be th coil or some other devise that looks as though it is connected to the trottle body. The car runs smooth for the most part and only during those few seconds do I notice any degradation in performance. My concern is this. Lexus parts are not cheap and I don't won't to have to spend thousand of dollar trying to fix something that may only require spending sevaral hundred dollars. So my question is this, if anyone has had a similar experience, please advise as to what was the root cause as well as any solution that may be applicable to this issue. Thanks, and have a very pleasant day. Sincerely, Todd
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