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  1. Well i changed the plugs about a year ago, shouldt i just use these plugs? I dont have the old plugs anyhow. Also, i have a k&n air filter which i have been using for about 4 months. The old man i bought it from was a rich dude who bought the car for his wife who drobe less than 5k a year. He gave me all of the records from lexus so it was maintained well as far as the records show. I will look into seafoam, ive read about on this forum but not really being to familiar with engines(other than minor stuff) i never thought of using it. Moisture also isnt a problem, im in hippy ashland oregon fininshing my MAT program, i just havent updated my profile. I also spoke with a toyota guy at the dealership and he told me that wires arent that big of a deal and that many people go over a 100k before they get them replaced. So seafoam through the brake booster. Should I worry about the plugs after the sea foam deal? My car is coming up on 80k. I did a buch of work when I got the car to avoid truoble later such as timing belt, all fluids, filters, caps. Is there anything I should be looking into. All of the previous work i just mentioned was within a year ago. Cant say thanks enough for this forum!!
  2. I just wanted to say that you are very brave man for letting a 17 year old gal drive your lexus for a month. When my fiance borrows my car, i have rules. Rule #1 Must be the car parked furthest away in any parking lot. Rule #2 No eating in the lex Rule #3 No playing with buttons. Its a very healthy relationship!!!
  3. The car has 75k miles on it and its a 1995. I am only talking about when I start the car. The car runs smooth like Sam Perkins jump shot. Im sure everything is fine but I was just wondering if anybody else had the same issue. I hope this clarifys things a little. Just a rough sounding start, thats all. When I first start my car, its ounds fine, but after the car has been running for lets say an hour, when I start it again, it starts rough sounding. A question I did ask before was if and when I should change my spark plug WIRES. I already changed the plugs. Also, which wires should I choose? Whats a fair price? Ive looked at websites and they from $100 - $300. Hope this makes more sense. I did have the car checked when I purchased it and everything was great other than minor maintnance. Do the spark plug wires have anything to do with how the car starts? Whan did you all change your wires?
  4. So I never really questioned this when I bought the car off an old man a year ago because I was so stoked about the low mileage. When I start my car its a bit of a rough start sound wise. I used to valet in my younger days and I always remebered the signiture sound of a lexus starting. Honda has one as well etc. I have all the records from the previous owner and some starter work was done awhile back at the lexus dealer but not quite sure exactly what. Im sure everything is fine but it drives me nuts. Especially when the car is warm and I start it is when I most notice it. All the fluids have been changed and the car is in tip top shape. Another question. The car still has the original spark plug wires. Do these need to be changed? My friends told me that its not a huge deal on a lexus and to worry about them around 100k. If so, im pumped becuause other than changing oil, kind of worked on my brakes, and installed my wipers, im kind of a rookie at working on cars but the spark plug wires seem like an easy fix. Also are there particular wires I should use? Thanks in advance fellas
  5. I dont know if this is a secret but I was pretty stoked when I found it. There is a first aid kit that slides out of your driver seat!!! You have to love that feature.
  6. Glad to hear that u are safe and alive for that matter!! Congrats on the 95, I have one as well and they seem a little bigger and safer than the 1st generation. Good luck
  7. If you do notice a difference, then i'm assuming those are not forged wheels. If they're not forged wheels then jumping from 16" to 20" , thats a huge jump.. you're adding alot of unsprung weight to your car, that also increases the rotational inertia. The side effects of increased rotational inertia?! Well the acceleration decreases, braking distance increases, gas mileage suffers and steering responsiveness goes out the window. Nice wheels by the way. Def not forged wheels...I have the original reciept. I was actually very lucky in dealing with Ebay. I got them of a guy who doesnt sell rims and just happen to be selling these becasue he traded in his ls430 and no longer needed them.
  8. Ill double check the air pressure but Im pretty sure there good. Wow, I learned alot from the last 2 posts, thanks a buck. Luckily Im back in school in a smaller town so Im not on the highway that much but I atleast get to roll in style in the warmer months around town. Everybody here is rather rich and retired or a hippy(ashland oregon)!! So many subaru wagons and trucks, not many big sedans on 20's. Thanks again for the comments.
  9. I have the avs 100 and they look great/ride great. Very quiet but then again I have never had different low pros to compare them with. I am very pleased. Here some pics
  10. So I recently put on some 20 inch wheels and I just got back from the coast(400mile round trip) and I had no power on the highway. It feels like my car went from the big strong athletic kid to the fat one that walks around the track in P.E. Things I know: All fluids are good, just put a K&N air filter(anybody else have a hard time fitting the cover over the K&N air filter)in. Im waiting to put around 1000 miles on the tires to see how they are wearing so maybe I dont need to pay for a wheel allignment. I know I need to balance the wheels cause the steering wheel was a bit shaky at around 65 mph. Things I dont know. If I do get an allignment, will I need to get another when I put the stocks back on for the winter/fall? Does the balance or allignment affect the acceleration? I lost about 30-40 mpg on this trip. I usually squeeze about 500 miles out of one tank in highway driving and I usually use fuel cleaner(berrymans, I think its called) Granted there are alot of hills and curves on 101. Other than that, enjoy the pics and comments positve or negative are great. I know many of you guys are not into big rims. Enjoy the pics!!
  11. The pics were to big!! I figured it out. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Im trying to attach photos of my car but it just times out every time I do. Ive also resized the pics and still nothing. Am I missing something? I just cleaned the car and bought new wheel and Im trying to show them off!! Any advice is helpful.. Thanks
  13. So I finally got them..I dont think I will be lowering the car, I think it looks fine. Take a look I just realized there is no picture up here. Im having trouble attaching pics, am I missing something, it seems like it should be easy. Thanks
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