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  1. Yup, they will fit with 235/55/18 tires, same bolt pattern 5x114.3mm No calibration since this is actually a plus two size upgrade that keeps the overall diameter the same (lower profile tires on taller rims vs higher profile tires on lower rims). Comfort, will be slightly decreased (you lose an inch of rubber-cushion all around), unless you had stiff 16in tires. As for 235/55/18 tires, go for the Bridgestone Dueler Alenzas rated the best overall (comfort, traction, treadwear, noice). The stock Michelins are comfortable, but have poor traction in light snow, less so in the rain. The Goodyear
  2. Thanks for your words of caution. That's what I figured. I'll keep my 20 bucks. Anyone installed a high-performance air filter over the stock one, i.e. like a K&N? Any true benefits? I have one on my 91 MR2 (non-Turbo) and it makes a difference, it adds about 5 hp and makes the engine breathe better as well as it making it sound less restricted.
  3. I came across "Velocity Tuner" on Ebay. It claims up to 16% HP increase and 31% improvement in fuel economy. It installs between in the air intake behind the air filter. Anyone tried this or simething similar? I would think most of these items that have claims like this are scams... You can search for "SAVE GAS +16% HP RX300/RX330/GS430/GX470 +31% MPG" as the title of the auction. Thanks
  4. When I disable the Air suspension (press the Off button and the dash displays it) when I'm in Park and car turned on, it re-engages (Off disappears) once I start driving. Sometimes the auto-air suspension re-engages as soon as I put it in Drive, other times it takes a few minutes of driving (irrespective of speed), but the bottom line is that it always turns back on automatically once you start driving. This always happened as I recall. I thought it should stay off and at the height set when you press the Off button... Anyone have this working this way or can clarify this? Thanks
  5. I didn't surpass it since I was the only passenger (180lbs) with the 600lb+ load. However, it was concentrated at the back instead of 300lb front + 300lb back...
  6. I knew about the "Off" button and engaging it when when putting it on a lift, but not about the towing/heavy weight part. Thanks for the tip. Yes, the buzzing sound it makes sounds "cheap" making it emabarrassing/annoying somewhat.
  7. Well, after nearly 120 000km (75K miles), my 04 RX330's wonderful air suspension died on me the other day. The RX was stuck at a certain height and I had the "Off" light flashing on the dash. 1250$Cnd later and it's good again. A few weeks earlier, I had carried two separate loads of cement blocks of at least 600 lbs total in the trunk. I heard the compressor compensating working longer than usual to adjust the level of the ride height for it, but nothing more unusual than when people sit in the car and add weight. Can't say if that was the killer, but I'm sure that contributed to the wear-an
  8. Found it, thanks. Easy to pull and I replaced it.
  9. Just to clarify it for everyone, I checked the fuse and saw it was burnt (split). Replaced it and the horn is working again. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  10. My 04 RX330 too behaved that way most of the time on descending slopes before the latest tranny ECU software upgrade I did a couple months back. Today, it occurs far less frequently, but when it does, I attribute it to the tranny engaging in engine braking mode hence the higher rpms and the subsequent lack of upshifting. It doesn't always happen though...depends on how much the accelerator is depressed and how fast I'm going. It has never really been a problem or concern to me. To note, it has never happened on a straight. Apart from a few bugs that got dealt with out over time, my RX330 (ea
  11. Trying to pull out the horn fuse to determine what part of my horn system failed. It appears to be stuck or more than likely, I am either afraid of pulling harder to not break something or I have the wrong technique. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks SKPerformance. Any place (online) you suggest to purchase them? How much is it? Easy to install?
  13. After Italy's World Cup win yesterday and gallavanting with my RX then blowing the horn repeatedly for an hour, the horn died. Any ideas? Fuse? Horn? Where to look? Thanks
  14. Simple. I am a Toyota fan ever since my dad had the 87 Camry and 88 MR2 (after owning a dreaded unreliable Ford Mustang) and my dream was to own the elite Toyota brand. Today, I own a 91 MR2 and an 04 RX330 and am exceptionally pleased with both. They both have similar mileage, around 120 000 km and have both been exceptionally reliable. Actually, the MR2 even more so (very few electronics as the possible reason). Considering our Canadian Winters and past ownership of a Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV, an SUV/4WD vehicle was a no-brainer. Factor in growing kids and extra cargo/interior room that c
  15. Funny thing... I also had a Honda CR-V (EX-L) and it had fewer rattles than my 04 RX330. I have the exact rattle which appears to come from beneath the overhead console. :(
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