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  1. We have loaded 2006 Sienna Limited; we also have a 96 LS400 and my brother have a loaded 03 GX470. My wife and I both prefer the Sienna over the LS and the GX. The fit and finish on the Sienna come close to the Lexus but not quite. BTW, does anyone one knows what generation the navigation system is on the 2003 GX470? I am looking for an update navigation DVD for him. Thanks.
  2. Evening all, I just happen to be in the garage working on my snow blower (another story about Home Depot). I heard a very soft flapping sound. Initially, I thought it was some kind of animal but it keep repeating about every minute or so. I found that the sound was coming from my 96LS in the front driver side's fender. Anyone has any idea what this noise is? Pls advise.
  3. Why would you want to? It is cheaper to replaced the break pads than the transmission. Just my 2 cents...
  4. Good moring all, Can anyone tell me how much oil an LX470 take with and without replacing the oil filter? Also, where can I get an owner's manual for this vehicle? It's a 2000 model with 53,000 miles. Thanks for your assistance... L
  5. ED, I can't seem to find the unit from Umnitza. Can you direct me to the link? Thanks...L
  6. My 96 LS drive belt is making noise recently when it is cold outside. The noise will stop once the engine is warm. I had this belt and the timing belt replace about a year ago. Is this noise normal? If not, how can I adjust the tension on it? Another question, if this belt tensioner is spring loaded, should it adjust by itsef? pls advise....
  7. Ok guys...I don't believe there is a connection between the seats and the steering is the link to the steering issue. Good luck !
  8. I had the same problem with my dealer here in Columbus OH replace the ECU and the problem was solved....They didn't charge me anything for this service. This was done about a year ago when my LS has about 79K miles on it.....
  9. I have a 96 LS and none of the heater on the seat work, driver and passenger. Each seat has three heating elements in them. They are costly to replace. My dealer quoted me over 2k to replace the heating elements....I decided not to have this replace. You should do a seach on this site for instructions on how to replacing the elements. I have seen it on this forum before...good luck...
  10. Mr. Ferrari....thanks for the info...
  11. The answer is no...It’s a liability issue with all auto manufacture.
  12. Silvermate, these two pads are the two cover under the steering column.
  13. Good day all, I have notice that my tilt/telescopic does not complete the travel cycle when the key is inserted or removed from the ignition. I found the technical service for this problem but I am not sure how to removed the following parts: 1. End pad surrounding ignition key cylinder 2.No 1 under cover 3.No 2 safety pad 4.Steering columb cover Thank you for your help. KT
  14. Hello everyone!!! Just wishing everyone a good 4th! Drive safe and buckle up!!!
  15. If anyone need power antenna mast for their Lexus, check out the link below. I just happen to see it today. Just replaced my mast last week which cost me $45.00 from the dealer.
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