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  1. Here is a pic of my car with 19" rims and L-Tuned drop...there's about a 1 1/2 to 2 finger gap.
  2. I have 19's with L-tune drop (about 1 1/2" drop). Ride quality is not too bad, I see you're in W. Covina...I'm in SG Valley as well. I think I am eventually going to change my suspension set up and go with Tein CS. I've heard that out of all the Teins, the CS model has the most stock-like ride if that's what you're looking for. You can also get the EDFC to go with the Teins that will let you adjust the stiffness from inside the car. You can probably check out their site for more details. HKS coilovers are good too, but they're a little more expensive. I haven't heard much about the Ta
  3. I need to lower it all around a little.
  4. Yup...gotta pay to play. This modding thing is an expensive addiction...I mean hobby. :D
  5. I purchased my 2000 GS400 a year ago. Off the top of my head, here are some things you should look at: 1. Front bumper/grill/hood is prone to rock chips, if it is really bad, have the dealer repaint/replace. 2. When driving, turn everything down and listen for excessive raddling coming from inside cabin (mostly from moonroof/glove box). Also, listen for rattling coming from steering wheel. 3. Make sure headlights does not have excessive moisture...if so, get dealer to replace. 4. When in Drive, check the RPM for low idle, which will cause the car to idle rough. (Note: The rough idle
  6. GSspeed, Here is another 5 spoke style rim on my car...they're 19" Work Euroline LS
  7. I don't have either, but figure I can let you know what I've read until someone who has these installed can chime in. Basically, the Tein CS will give a softer, more stock ride and the Flex handles better, but the ride will be rougher.
  8. The coilovers will lower it when you put it in. You will be able to adjust the height also with the coilovers.
  9. Congrats! Just a word of advise, if you plan to upgrade to Brembo brakes, make sure the wheels that you get will fit the big brake upgrade. Good luck.
  10. I think the GS4 handling wise is the same as the GS3, just more power. You could upgrade the suspension...maybe coilovers or L-tuned to tighten up the handling. Maybe add aftermarket sway bars also. Just curious, you say that you you're paying $500 for 6 years..that's $36K. I would think for that much you could've gotten a GS430 or GS400 at the least. In any case...either trade up or stick with the GS and upgrade the suspension. I think you should do the suspension first and get the rims later. Good luck.
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