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  2. NY Staties turn their RD's off after they have pulled someone over, mine never goes off when I pass them with someone pulled over, most Highway Patrol/State Patrol use pulse radar and only when they see someone coming fast so they can be misleading....but for my money my Passport 3500 has saved me many a ticket!!! Most will tell you Passport or Valentine One are the only ones worth the $$$
  3. Bringing this one back from the almost dead but I wanna know if anyone has actually attempted the DIY charcoal canister change? Just wondering if it's too much hassle...D
  4. Air is getting in there somewhere, that is the long and short of it. You need to find out where it's getting in....period...could be a simple gasket or O-ring not seated properly, these cars are extremely sensitive and the computers pick up any little thing that is out of the normal operating range. There is a smoke test that can be performed to see where air is getting in but it should be performed by someone who knows what they are doing and how to do it. Search here and maybe you can find someone who has done one succesfully...good luck!
  5. I'm looking for a difinitive answer here on the this one, I think I have it diagnosed but would like to know for sure before I drop $150.00+ on the part. It seems to be a common problem on Lexus models that at some point the dual climate control either fails on one side or puts out less heat than the other side. So either your driver side blows hot and your passenger side blows cold or the reverse is true. This can happen whether it set on the dual mode controlling both sides or when you're trying to control the temperature individually. My '02 GS300 has the problem on the passenger side a
  6. When I said I sprayed from the IM through to the injectors I meant each individual part where air can enter the yes I sprayed on each coupler, around each part of the manifold where it' bolts together, and yes each individual injector. This is how I diagnosed it was injector 1, and actually it wasn't a bad O-ring, the injector wasn't seated properly so it was letting just a little air seep in the sytem at idle. A bad O-ring and gas will usually shoot out through the the opening in the ring due to the fuel pressure. Still waiting to see if the Lean code comes back but so far so g
  7. Blexus, I think I've diagnosed my problem, haven't gotten to the fix yet though--I sprayed some brake cleaner from the beginning of the intake right through to the injectors and the only stutter occured on the No. 1 injector--Looks like that O-ring around the injector is bad and I'll have to change it. Give the brake cleaner method a shot, you'll figure out where extra air is entering the system pretty quick. Let you know after I switch out the ring if the code clears....D
  8. Blexus, the SRT comes with the piggyback for the ecu, which I assume compensates for the lean condition the old ecu would detect with the amount of air now coming through the system. Does your K&N system have the same setup? If not then the lean readout your getting would make sense as the stock ecu is just operating normally and can't adjusting for the excess air. Also, if you hook up a OBDII scanner the freeze frame data should indicate what condition the car was at when it encountered the lean condition. This may or may not give you some insight into what is causing the problem also
  9. You should have no problems using Street Keys, I bought a '02 GS300 with no keys and recieved a reflashed ecu, two keys, and programming instructions from them and it's all good. Local Locksmith they recommended cut the keys, and I'm good. They even called me to make sure I had the instructions and everything worked out...I was pleased with the service....D
  10. Cornwall, can you get to that pipe while the engine is running, if so what happens if you cover it, ie put your finger on it? Is it an inlet port, does the idle change? what happens...if it changes the idle, chances are you have a situation, I'm not familiar with the 1st gen motors...good luck...D
  11. Let me know if changing your O2 sensor does the trick Blexus, I'm getting the same code but I'm not convinced it's the O2 sensor as the diagnostic for p0171 or p0174 go through a laundry list before you get to bad O2 sensor and it is an expensive part to change if it's not bad...thanks...D
  12. EM_23_Timing_Belt_Installation.pdf There are removal and installation marks and it sounds like you did it right and I'm sure you have this guide but I'll attach it anyway. The most important step after setting the marks is to spin the engine twice to make sure your marks line up again. If it spins and stops then your not lined up, valves are coming in contact with the pistons and if you try and start it...well you know... :o The teeth on the cams and the belt are wide enough that if your are off a tooth, your marks will be off, make sure the timing cover your lining them up with is ri
  13. My passenger seat on my 02 GS300 does go forward and back...the seat back control works also, the seat back will go up or recline. The problem is in the elevation and lumbar support functions, niether work. I unscrwed the seat, check all the connectors, all are good, tight, no signs of corrosion all wires looked good. I'm guessing the motor for that function is done...any other suggestions?? It looks like it could be a DIY, motor replacement, anyone else experience this situation?? Couldn't find this specific problem anywhere on the forums...thanks...D
  14. Just did it webs, yes should remove the rad for easy access, it would be pretty tight but you could probably get away just removing the drive belt etc--in my case the rad and condenser was already off. Timing belt covers, drain coolant, and since your there, depending on your mileage, you may as well change your water pump also. If your a handy DIY guy then you might not want to do the water pump at the same time just know that you'll have to do the same process if it fails in the future. Here is the PDF supplied to me when I asked the same question--the search engine in this forum works l
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